Who’s the Boss?

We uncover who really is the boss between pet parent and their pet in our light-hearted Who’s the boss interviews.  ‘The boss’ is all about good pet guardianship, it is NOT about dominating your dog, now considered an outdated and inhumane approach to dog training.

Past Who’s the Boss pet parents interviews include Bondi Vet Dr Lisa Chimes, Bondi Rescue Andrew ‘Reidy’ Reid, Wonderdogs trainer Kelly Gill, Victorian Truffle Farmer, Comedian Josh Thomas, literary expert Susannah Fullerton, PetRescue Co-Founder Vickie Davy and renowned animal behaviourist Dr Joanne Righetti and many others.

Cat Protection Society NSW Kristina Vesk and her adopted cat

Kristina Vesk is the Chief Executive Officer of Cat Protection Society NSW.  She has lived with cats all her life.  When she was 10, Kristina took home a starving stray kitten called Tina.  She was living proof that former street cats can make the most wonderful,...

Richard Lord is Top Dog at Assistance Dogs Australia

Richard Lord is Top Dog at Assistance Dogs Australia, a non-profit organisation that trains Labradors and Golden retrievers to help enhance the quality of life and improve the level of independence for people with disabilities. Richard lives with his partner and his...

Diva Pandora Box hosts Doggywood at Mardi Gras

Pandora Box is well known for her diva performances on and off the camera. She has hosted dog shows for almost 10 years including Doggywood at this year’s Mardi Gras event in Sydney. With a few doggie treats handy, Pandora knows how to keep those overly excited dog...

Dogs and postie bikes don’t mix!

It’s almost Christmas and Mark Hayes the postie is busy! He says the Christmas mail is not what it used to be but the parcels from the last minute online shopping keep him fit. Mark knows dogs and postie bikes don't mix, he’s had a few funny encounters during his...

Truffle farming with working dogs Bear and Lani

Stuart Dunbar is the owner and manager of Yarra Valley Truffles, a Truffle orchard with a reputation for high-quality truffles in Victoria, Australia. Stuart’s work involves daily truffle farming with working dogs, Bear and Lani. Bear has been by his side from the...

Pets in the Park Dr Loretta Woodgate and her cat Harley

Pets in the Park Dr Loretta Woodgate has shared her life for the last 17 years with her cat, Harley.  Loretta shares her story about her special relationship with Harley and her tips to keep your feline friend happy. Loretta is a volunteer veterinarian for charity,...

Comedian Josh Thomas and his dog, John

Comedian Josh Thomas chats with Who's the boss? about his relationship with his trusty companion, John the Cavoodle. Josh and John are like an old married couple, they even have the same hairstyle. We reveal what John really thinks about Josh's singing and who's the...

Di Ridge relies on 3 working dogs to run their sheep station

Poppy, Buddy and Toby are more than companion animals for Di Ridge, they are 3 working dogs who help Di and Phillip Ridge run "Jandra", a 100,000-acre sheep station near Bourke in New South Wales. Everyone has their job to do, but who really is the boss? Who's the...

Farmer Dave works with his dog, Matilda

Farmer Dave Graham grew up on a Queensland cattle station with dozens of working dogs by his side.  Life has come full circle for Farmer Dave...from working the land in rural Australia to an international modelling career, to the Big Brother house, Dancing with the...

Bondi Rescue Andrew Reid and his dog, Muggsy

Born and bred in Bondi, home of Australia’s most famous stretch of sand, Andrew ‘Reidy’ Reid is a lifeguard and TV personality, most well known for appearing on Channel 10’s Logie award-winning reality show, Bondi Rescue. Reidy tells Who's the Boss? how his dog,...

Dr Lisa Chimes and her two dogs, who’s the boss?

Dr Lisa Chimes is very busy!  Her role on the popular TV program Bondi Vet sees Dr Lisa saving lives at Sydney’s Small Animal Specialist Hospital (SASH), where she works day in and day out, even when the cameras stop rolling.  Dr Lisa Chimes has a young family and two...

Jake Munday, owner of Dog Lovers with over 4 million Likes!

Jake Munday is a 24-year-old business sales executive, entrepreneur and dog lover.  As the owner of the hugely popular Dog Lovers facebook page, Jake has turned his passion for dogs into a thriving business. With well over 4 million followers and growing, Dog...

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It’s amazing what vets can do these days for our furry members of our family! Archie is loving his bionic foot.

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A dog is the only friend you need! Via All 4
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