Latest Cat

Kitty Klasses at Cafe Purrfection in Sydney

Ever pilled a cat and lived to tell the tale?  Kitty Klasses at Café Purrfection can teach you how! It may be the Year of the Dog in the Chinese zodiac, but not for felines who are determined to remain one of the world’s oldest and most worshipped pets! To mark the...

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Early death for overweight cats

Overweight cats are predisposed to a range of very unpleasant diseases and health conditions; diabetes, heart disease and arthritis to name but a few say International Cat Care. There is also evidence that being overweight or obese decreases the quality of life and...

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Latest Dog


What to feed your dog is a 'hot potato' topic at the moment! You may have read our recent blog 'Feeding dogs raw chicken necks warning!' which says feeding dogs raw chicken meat, particularly chicken necks, has been linked to a rare but potentially fatal type of...

Raw food for dogs what you need to know

What we feed our pets has an enormous impact on their health and well-being.  Thank goodness we have moved on from the bad old days of feeding our pets low-quality wet canned dog food.  Nowadays, we are more aware of what we feed ourselves as well as the food we give...


Celebrate Year of the Dog and WIN a hamper!

Celebrate the Year of the Dog with a Paw by Blackmores hamper! Thanks to Paw by Blackmores you could WIN a hamper RRP $150 full of goodies to keep your dog healthy and happy! PAW by Blackmores is an innovative range of natural pet healthcare products, developed by...

WIN a Peter Alexander Christmas chocolate gift pack!

 Have you been a good pet parent this year? This competition has ended. Congratulations to our winners: Debbie Marshall (NSW), Bobbi Cooney (QLD) and Chrissy Roberts (W.A.)! We have 3 Peter Alexander Christmas chocolate gift packs to giveaway valued at $55 each! Each...

Dog behaviour & Training

Dog safety tips for kids

According to the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA), many veterinarians have seen cases where a family has felt compelled to euthanase their pet due to a dog bite to a child. The alternative is that a dog is declared a dangerous animal by the council, which can...

Pet Wellbeing

Rise in snake bite pet insurance claims

Pet Insurance Australia is urging all Australians to be snake cautious over the next month few months to avoid serious pet injuries. “It’s hot, it’s dry and many areas around Australia are noting the increase in snake activity,” Nadia Crighton from Pet Insurance...

Adoptable pet of the week

Adopt a female mixed breed dog in S.A.

You can adopt a female mixed breed dog in S.A from Kunapa Kari rescue.  This is River! She is the sweetest pup. River is a very gentle little soul. Even though she is very young she is really well behaved around the home and excellent with the big dogs and the older...

Pet adoption

National Pet adoption day 2018

National Pet Adoption Day 2018 is this Sunday 4th February and homeless pets all over Australia need your help to get the word out! Tell your mum, your friends, your boss, your neighbour that it’s a great day to start the search for a new family member, to learn about...

Pet Parent Stories & Tips

James Dorahy and his two adopted Chihuahuas

James Dorahy and his partner, Anton live with two adopted Chihuahuas in an apartment in Sydney. They adopted the girls in January 2016 following the loss of their beloved dog called Noodle, also a Chihuahua. James says taking on two dogs together is double trouble but...

Book review

Your guide to pet-friendly destinations in Australia

Pets On Holiday by Gareth Brock is an excellent comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about pet-friendly destinations in Australia - accommodation, activities including walking trails and cafes all over Australia. Whether you're hitting the road for a...


Pets4Life Manifesto

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