Renting, strata and pets.

Noodle. Photo: James Dorahy

The combination of renting and pets can be stressful and frustrating.  One of the main reasons families surrender cats and dogs is because they struggle to find pet-friendly rental accommodation.

Twice as many Australians rent now as in 1981.  Some 4.5 million live in private rental accommodation – about 1.8 million households, or 23.4% of households.  The National Housing Supply Council recently said that it seems certain the aggregate rate of homeownership will drop and the proportion renting will increase significantly.

According to Susannah Anderson of Di Jones Real Estate in Sydney, buyers purchasing in apartment buildings that are not ear-marked as pet-friendly are also struggling.

3 Tips for renting and pets to secure a rental property

  1. Offer to sign a pet agreement – Offer to sign a pet agreement that clearly defines the behaviour and responsibilities appropriate to the rental premises, potentially meet with the owner or managing agent to enable you to introduce your pet and prove that they are responsibly cared for and obedient; and have good references.

2. Offer to pay a pet bond – Offer to pay a ‘Pet bond’ in addition to your rental bond.

3. Prepare a pet resume – Prepare a pet resume and include a de-sexing certificate, vaccination certificate, any dog training certificates.  In addition, mention anything about your pet’s age, activity levels or character traits.  Obtain a reference from a neighbour, your vet, a dog trainer or other animal professional if you haven’t previously rented with your pet.

Renting and pets links to find accommodation

  • Renting and pets

    Renting and pets. Photo: Paul/Unsplash.

    First National Pet-Friendly Property Search

  • Rent Australia – search properties using a “Pets OK” option.
  • Search – Click on “Rent” top menu tab, under the search input box, there is a link saying “More criteria” – click the link. Under options there is another link “More Options with Radar >>” click this link. Scroll down on new page to menu option “What property features would you prefer?”, click on the “More features” link and a “Pets Allowed” tick box will appear for you to select.
  • Pet Friendly Rentals has an online pet-friendly search tool that supports and

More resources on renting and pets

  • Rent With Pets is an online resource that encourages landlords and tenants to work together so that more animals can live in responsible, loving rental homes – from the latest on state laws on renting with pets to writing a pet resume and more. The Rent with Pets program is an initiative of Companion Animal Network Australia, a registered charity representing the companion animal welfare work of member organisations across Australia.
  • RSPCA NSW has information on pets in apartments and rental properties including tips for obtaining consent from the Owners Corporation or from a property landlord
  • Tips to secure a property and a pet resume system from Pet Friendly Rentals 
  • Strata Community Australia has information and advice on pets and other everyday issues
  • Articles on pets and property in Australia from People & Pets