It is widely known that pets play a special role in our lives.  They bring many benefits to their owners and the community.  However, thousands of dogs and cats are abandoned or surrendered to overburdened animal shelters or via online sites such as Gumtree every year in Australia.

Why create Pets4Life?

Pets4Life is an independent self-funded resource to help pet parents feel confident and prepared throughout the journey of your cat or dog’s life.  Our mission is to help you become an even better pet parent and set you up for success!

Our site is full of excellent original and curated advice from a range of expert sources covering each stage of a cat and dog’s life.


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  • Cat podcast series for interviews with cat experts
  • Dog podcast series for interviews with dog experts
  • Paw Perfect Introductions podcast series with renowned animal behaviourist Dr Joanne Righetti for smooth introductions between dogs, cats and people

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Who is Pets4Life?

Cathy Beer Pets4Life

Cathy Beer with her beloved Toby who passed away December 2015.

Cathy Beer is the Founder of Pets4Life and the Companion Animal Rescue Awards.

After over 20 years as a professional marketer in the corporate world, Cathy followed her passion for animal welfare and created Pets4Life. Cathy is currently a student at the Delta Institute Australia, leaders in positive dog training in Australia.

Cathy is a passionate pet parent with a big heart for pet welfare.  Like many Australians, Cathy grew up with pets at home.  Cathy’s first love was her grandparents’ cat, Binky, who lived until the ripe old age of 22 years.  It was not until the adoption of older doggies in 2008 that she became aware of the dark side to pet ownership in Australia – tens of thousands of cats and dogs are abandoned or surrendered to pounds and animal shelters every year in New South Wales. Cathy found this deeply disturbing and decided to research into why this is happening.

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