Purchasing an apartment with pets

Tips for purchasing an apartment with pets. Max. Photo: Christie Jarrett

In 20 years, half of NSW’s population will live in apartments or townhouses.  The good news is that state government by-laws announced in November 2013 will, for the first time, allow pets by default, rather than banning them.

However, By-laws can be changed to be either for or against pets, so you will need to ensure your pet is well behaved.

Your pet has to have a positive effect on the quality of life of the residents in the apartment building.

Tips for purchasing an apartment with pets

  1. Check the by-laws – before purchasing an apartment with pets, check the by-laws which apply to the apartment building and gain approval for your pet prior to moving in.  You may wish to seek advice from your solicitor
  2. Pet policy – introduce a pet policy to address resident and management concerns.  It should outline the responsibilities of the pet owner such as limitation of the number of pets, assessment of a pet on its individual merits (not on the weight of the dog), dogs and cats must be desexed; and cats to be kept indoors
  3. Pet committee – Set up a pet committee  to help ensure pet owners follow the pet policy guidelines