Why train your dog?

Dog training provides dogs with the basic good manners we all want in our community—from the polite greeting when guests arrive, to walking nicely on the leash, to coming when called. Find out more about the many benefits of dog training.

Cathy Beer is a professional dog trainer located in Sydney’s lower North Shore with extensive experience working with dogs of different breeds and a passion for helping dogs from shelters and rescue groups. She is a professional member of these industry bodies: Delta Institute of Australia, APDT, and the Pet Professional Guild Australia.

Cathy uses force-free, positive reinforcement methods based on the latest canine science. Positive reinforcement teaches an animal that performing behaviours on request is rewarding. This method involves the addition of pleasant consequences such as food treats or toys to increase the chance of a behaviour being repeated. Like us, every dog is different and what motivates one does not necessarily motivate another.

We’re here to help and have fun!

6 benefits of dog training

Dog training should be fun for you and your dog. Photo: Shutterstock

We understand every dog is different. We understand every dog will learn new skills at their own pace. Cathy is a non-judgemental professional trainer who will develop a program that is tailored to your dog’s behaviour and training needs. Our training sessions are fun and rewarding for everyone involved.

We provide in-person private consultations for families in Sydney’s North Shore, Eastern Suburbs, and Inner West. Not located in these areas? No worries, we can provide private consultations via Zoom.

Would you like your dog to learn how to

  • Walk nicely on a lead?
  • Stop jumping up on visitors and sit for a greeting.
  • Settle quietly on a mat?
  • Come when called in different situations?
  • Toilet outside
  • Happily sleep in their crate?
  • Cope with unfamiliar people and other dogs
  • Cope with separation distress
  • Not upset your neighbours from barking

Behaviour modification

In some cases, our pet dogs need more than training skills and strategies to learn and cope. Their behaviour disorders may be expressed by excessive barking, reactivity with people/other dogs, separation anxiety, resource guarding, or other ways.

Nearly all animal behaviour cases benefit from a multi-modal approach consisting of medication, environmental management, and behaviour modification. The goal of medication is to help pets cope with stress and improve their learning potential. Your veterinarian or a veterinary behaviourist can prescribe medication.

Read more on Medical Management of Behavioural Conditions.

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