Pets4Life Dog Training uses force-free positive reinforcement methods

Dog training provides dogs with the basic good manners we all want in our community—from the polite greeting when guests arrive, to walking nicely on the leash, to coming when called.  Find out more about the many benefits of dog training. 

Introducing the Jetpets Rescue Awards 2018. . Photo Jenny Bridge

Cathy Beer with Twinkle and Fluffy. Photo Jenny Bridge

Beware! Dog training is unregulated in Australia, and unfortunately, there are trainers who continue to use dog training methods that are now considered inhumane and out of date.  The methods used have a profound effect on how the dog learns, their attitude to training, and their relationship with you.

Pets4Life Dog Training advocates against ‘aversive’ training methods that use force, fear, or pain. These can increase a dog’s fear and anxiety, often making the unwanted behaviour worse.  Methods such as dominance, punishment, leash jerking, electric shock, or citronella collars are now considered out-dated and unkind. You could be doing more harm than good to your dog! And aversive methods are less effective than rewards-based training methods.

Pets4Life Dog Training uses force-free, positive reinforcement methods based on the latest canine science.  Positive reinforcement teaches an animal that performing behaviours on request is rewarding. This method involves the addition of a pleasant consequence such as food treats or toys to increase the chance of a behaviour being repeated.  Like us, every dog is different and what motivates one does not necessarily motivate another.

About Pets4Life Dog Training

Cathy Beer is the Founder of Pets4Life, an education resource for cat and dog guardians, and a professional dog trainer located in Sydney’s lower North Shore.  Her professional dog training qualification attained in October 2019 is a Cert IV in Companion Animal Services and a Delta Institute trainer.   Cathy was a volunteer dog trainer instructor for four years at the Sydney All Breeds Dog Training Club in Concord, Sydney.  Cathy is a member of the Pet Professional Guild Australia.

Cathy provides private consultations in Sydney with a range of dog clients including puppies and dogs adopted from rescue groups/shelters, and in foster care.  Cathy and her husband currently have one long-term foster dog, Twinkle.

Pets4Life Dog training services 

There is a reason underlying every canine behaviour.  If you notice a sudden change in your dog’s behaviour from their normal calm temperament to ‘aggressive’ behaviour, take your dog immediately to the vet for a check up. Your dog may have an undiagnosed health issue, which is causing pain without you realising it. Your dog may be suffering from anxiety, which may require treatment.

Every dog is an individual and they learn new skills at their own pace.  Cathy will develop a training program that is tailored to your’s dog’s needs whether you have a new puppy or adopted a dog from a rescue group or shelter:

  • How to walking nicely on a lead
  • Stop jumping up on visitors
  • Settle on a mat
  • How to keep your dog happily occupied
  • Teach your dog to come when called
  • Setting up your house for a new puppy
  • How to address unwanted behaviour such as barking
  • Learn how to better understand what your dog is telling you by reading dog body language
  • Toilet training
  • Crate training
  • And more!

Not located in Sydney’s North Shore?  Cathy can connect you to professional trainer near you.  Payment options are Pay Pal prior to the training session or cash on the day.

“We were so desperate for help with our 2 year old boxer, Sharky, who was getting stressed with other dogs and not able to focus on our instructions. Cathy Beer was referred to us by Paws Galore (dog walking/pet minding business) and it was simply a blessing. With private classes at our home, with the dog and all our family, we were able to understand our dog’s needs and reverse the unwanted behaviour. A few sessions with Cathy was necessary to educate us on how to help our dog to relax with toys when we’re not at home and to come when called. We are very happy to have had her tutoring us. Its a life long benefit.”  Emily, Sydney


Contact us

Please contact Cathy Beer via the website or call on 0419 296 656 to find out how Pets4Life Dog Training can help your canine family member to be happy, relaxed, and well-mannered doggie.