Learn how to successfully introduce a new furry member to your family with animal behaviourist Dr Joanne Righetti

Paw Perfect Introductions podcast


by Cathy Beer | Jo Righetti discusses how to introduce your baby to a kitten or adult cat

Thinking of introducing another cat or dog or getting a pet for the kids or you have pets and you’re expecting a baby? Don’t just leave it to chance and assume your pets and human family members will know how to get along together. Listen to our Paw Perfect Introductions podcast for great tips to help you create a harmonious household and avoid pet stress.

Introductions are the first stage of that wonderful relationship we have with our pets and the rest of the family.
-Dr Joanne Righetti

Animal behaviourist Dr Joanne Righetti, Pet Problem Solved, simply explains step by step how to do paw perfect introductions between cats, dogs, babies and children. The Paw Perfect Introductions podcast series covers every combination of introductions we can think of.

Each episode focuses on one ‘paw perfect’ introduction, keeping the podcast well under 10 minutes. It could be a few minutes well spent if it means everyone gets along well together!

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Thank you to pet parent Karen Cocks for coming up with the pawsome name of this podcast series ‘Paw Perfect Introductions’.

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