Wonderdogs trainer Kelly Gill and her dogs, cat and other animals – find out who’s the boss?

Wonderdogs trainer Kelly Gill

Kelly Gill with Sketch and Flynn. Photo: Akemi Photography

Kelly Gill is the hugely talented trainer behind The Wonderdogs, a team of impeccably trained chocolate & white Border Collies who perform stage shows and trick demonstrations with audience participation.  You would’ve seen The Wonderdogs starring in lots of film & television roles including ads on TV. Over the last few years Wonderdogs trainer Kelly Gill has travelled around Australia to major events with celebrity veterinarian Dr Katrina Warren, providing entertainment and education for the public.

Kelly lives on a large property in the Hunter Valley, NSW with her partner Robert and family of nine Border Collies, Tigger the ginger super cat and other animals. Find out if Kelly has a favourite Wonderdog and who’s the boss in her busy world of dogs, horses and…don’t forget Tigger the cat!

Pets4Life: Have animals always been a part of your life?

Kelly: I was lucky to grow up in a family who loved animals.  So my childhood pets included a Newfoundland called Nelson who was the most amazing swimmer, we’d spend our Christmas holidays camping by a river where he would swim with us and keep us safe for hours.  We also had a Golden Retriever Sasha, a budgie called Cyril and a cat called Bonnie plus several Guinea pigs.  My very first dog of my own was a rescue dog called Jedda and she was a Golden Retriever x Saluki who was very sweet and we did lots together.  I was allowed my first Horse when I was about 16 years old and had many amazing adventures!

Pets4Life: What’s the mix of animals in your fur family?

Kelly: We are lucky enough to live on 34 acres with nine Border Collies, a JRT called Rat, Tigger the ginger super cat, a Ferret called Nigel, Scottie the mini Horse rescued from the pound, and our newest member of the family William the horse we rescued from the Knackery.

Pets4Life: Do you have a favourite Wonderdog?

Kelly: Gee this is hard…. They are all favourites, each Wonderdog has their own personality and relationship with me.  I guess Flynn probably pulls at my heart strings a little more.

Pets4Life: You’re the trainer but who’s really the boss?

Kelly: This is a hard one!! I’d say the female Border Collies are pretty good at keeping charge. Jordie is the eldest and has always felt more important than the others so I guess if we asked her…. she’d say it was her!

More about Wonderdogs trainer Kelly Gill

Kelly Gill has over 19 year’s experience as a veterinary nurse and dog trainer.  She has competed with her own dogs in Obedience, Agility & Heelwork to music achieving the top title of Australia Obedience champion twice and over 250 Obedience & Agility titles.  Kelly has been breeding Border Collies since 1999 under the KERODAN prefix.  She enjoys the challenge of working animals for the Film industry and performing tricks on stage with her team of very talented chocolate & white Border Collies.