Comedian Josh Thomas chats with Who’s the boss? about his relationship with his trusty companion, John the Cavoodle.

Josh and John are like an old married couple, they even have the same hairstyle. We reveal what John really thinks about Josh’s singing and who’s the better actor in Please Like Me, the TV series that covers all you need to know about Cavoodles, custard tarts, boyfriends and girlfriends.

Who’s the boss?  What made you decide to get a Cavoodle and name him John?

Josh: I can’t really remember. I think I just thought they were cute, I was 19. I’m not sure how much thought I put into decisions when I was 19. We always had Cocker Spaniels growing up, cute!

Who’s the boss? Are there any similarities between you and John?

Josh: I recently realised he is 7! 7! I thought he was 4 or 5. We’re both really growing up. He has gotten so independent. I don’t think he left my side for the first half of his life. Sometimes late at night, he’ll just go into the bedroom to sleep now. It annoys me so much. I’m worried we’ve lost some of our spark, just like an old married couple.

We have very similar hair.

John’s a really good actor, better than me. He’s so well behaved and consistent.

Josh Thomas and his dog, John.

Josh Thomas and his dog, John. Photo via

His best trick is ‘Where’s Brendan?’ Brendan is the name of his soft toy if I ask him ‘Where’s Brendan’ he runs around the house and finds the toy. I wish I had taught him how to do it with my keys.

Who’s the boss?  You have been known to sing to John, how does he take it?

Josh: He copes. My favourite song is ‘Who run the world, John!’ to tune of Beyonce’s ‘Who run the world, girls.’ My boyfriend does this trick where he shakes his hips and John joins in, but he won’t do it when I shake my hips. Again, so annoying.

Who’s the boss?  You say you’re a generous lover.  How do you share the love between your partner, your TV series Please Like Me and John?

Josh: I just hug him real tight.

Who’s the boss?  Has John taught you any life lessons?

Josh: People will probably like you more if you don’t talk.