Pandora Box is well known for her diva performances on and off the camera. She has hosted dog shows for almost 10 years including Doggywood at this year’s Mardi Gras event in Sydney.

With a few doggie treats handy, Pandora knows how to keep those overly excited dog owners and their pampered pooches under control as they compete for ‘Best in Show’.

Pandora and her partner have two dogs Bugsy and Ajay, and a 15-year-old cat Belana of their own.  Find out who’s the boss…

Who’s the Boss?  When did your love of dogs and cats start?

Pandora Box hosts Doggywood

Best dressed entrant at Doggywood. Photo: Jenny Bridge

Pandora: Sandy was my first pet dog I was only 8 so I guess from that day on.  I’ve always had pets growing up with dogs, chickens, horse and even a goat. Nanny my goat for 12 years was my best friend in that time we didn’t have a dog but did have a cat Lilly and a horse Brandy – the 3 of them were best friends.

Nanny past away when I went on holidays, it was the first time we spent time away and my family took it bad. I felt so lost when I came home and she was not there anymore but she’s in a good place in the family backyard looking over us now. Brandy became a trotting racing horse with a good family and Lilly just didn’t come home one day.

Who’s the Boss? What do you love about hosting Doggywood besides wearing stilettos and a fabulous frock with doggies all over it?

Pandora: I love the fun of it all seeing dog lovers bring their dogs to these events. The look- a- likes and the tricks they bring, but the fun part is showing the owners that their dog can do the obstacle course… with treats a dog will do anything. The old saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” well that’s a myth because you can. I also love to get involved by getting down on my fours to show off my agility skills, just to say I can too.

Who’s the Boss?  How do you handle all those excited pet parents and doggies?

Pandora: As host for Doggywood and I’ve been hosting dog shows almost 10 years now with Sassy Treats Pet Foods, you get some really serious dog owners but we encourage them to just have fun. We like to think that they’re not just coming to a dog show but they also learn something in a way of how to train their dog to behave and that who’s the boss. We encourage treats all the time and give them to the dog owners if they don’t have treats to work with.

We have one game for the dog owners called “Pick up poo” where there are 20 plastic poos around the arena, and in 1 min they have to find as many as they can.  It’s really funny when they’re holding their dog on a leash with one hand and picking up poo in the other in a plastic bag.  One day a dog did its business in the arena while I was getting the next person ready to race and you guessed it …they really picked up the poo!

Who’s the Boss?  You and your partner have two dogs and one cat at home.  Who’s the Boss?

Pandora Box hosts Doggywood

Pandora says Belana is the boss! Photo supplied.

Pandora: We do and love them to bits! Belana is our oldest, she’s a 15-year-old Ragdoll white cat. She’s the boss by the way but loves the dogs. Bugsy is our 7-year-old Papuan cross Terrier, he is a very intelligent dog and knows how to get your attention when he wants to. He loves his walks when I get home from work.  Ajay is our baby he is almost 2 years old. He’s a rescue dog from Blacktown RSPCA so we are not sure what breed he is.  We were supposed to pick up another dog but he didn’t get on with Bugsy, then we saw Ajay and fell in love. He loves to cuddle and loves his bed! Ajay has the best puppy dog eyes you just melt when he looks at you.

Who’s the Boss? What title would you give to each of your pets for Best in Show and why?

Pandora: Bugsy would get best ‘Talent’ and ‘Agility’ like I said he knows what he wants and has a way of telling you, he sits upon his bottom with his front paws held up in a way like he’s praying. Belana well without saying any more than she would win the Beauty contest hands down.  The ‘Funny’ award would go to Ajay because he just is. And for ‘Best Dressed’…let me see oh yeah me of course! lol