Born and bred in Bondi, home of Australia’s most famous stretch of sand, Andrew ‘Reidy’ Reid is a lifeguard and TV personality, most well known for appearing on Channel 10’s Logie award-winning reality show, Bondi Rescue.

Reidy tells Who’s the Boss? how his dog, Muggsy picked him when he was looking for a doggie companion at Renbury animal shelter.  Who’s the Boss? finds out what a difference Muggsy has made to Reidy’s life; and how they worked as a team to win the ‘Every man and his dog’ stand up paddleboard event.  Muggsy is never left out of the action, he has even made a few appearances on Bondi Rescue!

Who’s the Boss?  Have dogs always been in your life? 

 Reidy: They sure have. We’ve always had at least 2 dogs in our family home. I’m grateful for that. I really believe dogs teach you a lot of lessons.

 Our dogs have always been either rescue dogs or from people that could no longer look after them. No cats, I’m not much of a cat man.

 Who’s the Boss?  You now have Muggsy, how did you choose him?

 Reidy: Muggsy came into my life not long after a break-up. I just felt like there was something missing and it clicked that I didn’t have a dog in my life after always having them when I was at home with my family.  I was never getting a dog from a breeder. I’d much prefer a rescue dog. I wasn’t fussed by breeds or types so I went out to Renbury farm and he pretty much picked me.   

He got his name from my childhood hobby of collecting basketball cards. Muggsy was only 4 months old when I got him from the pound and they had him in a cage with a whole pack of very bigger, older dogs. My favourite NBA basketball player was a guy name Muggsy Boags. He was one of the greatest and shortest (5.7 I think) guys to ever play the game. When I saw Muggsy in with all these massive dogs I right away thought of the basketballer.

 Who’s the boss?  What difference has Muggsy made to your life?

 Reidy:  Muggsy has made a huge difference in my life. He keeps me on my toes but he also makes me really happy. He is still a teenager and if it’s true about dogs being like their owners I’m in for plenty more trouble.

 Muggsy drives my girlfriend mad. He has a chronic underbite so he slobbers a lot. Laura didn’t grow up with dogs and likes to have very nice things so when she sees things with slobber on it she lets me know. It’s going to be very interesting if we ever move in together. I can’t wait although I think poor Muggsy might end up in the dog house more often than me.

Who’s the boss? Is Muggsy part of the action at Bondi Life Guards? 

 Reidy: Muggsy gets his oversized mug (head) on the TV show every now and then. He featured on there when I got him and if I’m ever going down to Bondi for a swim or a surf I tie him up on the balcony of the tower. He’s pretty good, he just sits there and plays with anyone that will give him the time.

 He gets a good hour of exercise in the morning and at least half an hour in the afternoon. It’s usually a swim or some ball throwing in the park or on the beach. He loves the beach and the sand.

 Who’s the boss? Congratulations to you and Muggsy for winning the ‘Every man and his dog’ stand up paddle event on Australia Day 2014.  Muggsy looked calm and focussed at the helm and you were doing all the hard yakka.  Who was in charge?

Bondi Rescue Andrew Reid and his dog Muggsy

Bondi Rescue Andrew Reid and his dog Muggsy win the ‘Every man and his dog paddleboard event’, Watson’s Bay, Sydney 2014.

Reidy: Muggsy was very focused. Him, like me, hates losing and with Hoppo also in the race we had to take it out. There were months of training leading up, I had him in the gym working on strength then out in the board working on the turns for the turning cans in the race. The only thing that could have brought us unstuck on the day is if Mugz had seen a cat. You would have seen a dog walk on water, he loves to chase them.

 Who’s the boss?  You and Muggsy were a great team on the paddle board.  What are Muggsy’s tips for a great team between pet owner and pet?

 Reidy: Communication! I was constantly in his hear about staying focused and standing tall. He in return was giving it right back to me saying “come on mate, push push push”. I felt that really helped me push through the on the home straight and get us home.