We’re looking forward to a busy, fun-filled year with new Pets4Life stories, offers and programs in 2018 for pet parents in Australia. Before we look forward, let’s take a ‘paws’ as we reflect on last year and share with you our most popular dog topics in 2017.

Digger the ANZAC War Dog

Digger the ANZAC War Dog WWI

Digger the ANZAC War Dog. Photo: AWAMO

Digger the ANZAC War Dog was a dark brown and white bulldog who accompanied his owner, Sergeant James Harold Martin, during his three and a half years with the AIF.

Digger’s remarkable service is described as how he ‘went over the top’ 16 times and had been through some of the worst battles on Gallipoli and the Western Front in WWI.  This brave dog survived being gassed and shot through the jaw.

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Choosing a good boarding kennel for your dog

Tips for choosing a boarding kennel for your dog podcast

Photo: Isaac Moore/Unsplash

How do you know what makes a good boarding kennel?

Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered. Positive dog trainer Louise Newman, Let’s Go Fido shares her experience and tips for choosing a good boarding kennel in our short podcast.

Listen now or download the transcription.

Introduce your cat to a new puppy

How to introduce a dog or puppy to your cat podcast

Photo: Monika Wisniewska/Shutterstock.com

Bringing home a new dog or puppy can be very exciting but the fun and excitement can quickly turn to panic if your cat is scared and runs away.

In this podcast, renowned animal behaviourist Dr Joanne Righetti simply explains how you can make a ‘paw perfect’ introduction between a new dog or puppy and your cat. Don’t leave it to chance!

Listen now to the podcast or download the transcription.

3 Common myths in dog training

3 Common myths in dog training

3 Common myths in dog training. Photo: Christian Mueller/shutterstock

A good canine citizen is a well-mannered dog. And a well-manned dog can be taken anywhere and loved by all. Puppy school and further dog training will help your dog to become a good canine citizen in your community.

Beware! There’s a lot of outdated and incorrect advice on the Internet about dog training, which may do more harm than good to your dog.  How you train your dog has a profound effect on how the dog learns, their attitude to training and their relationship with you.

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Dr Chris Brown’s guide to a dog-friendly backyard

Dr Chris Brown's guide to a safe, dog-friendly backyard

Dr Chris Brown’s guide to a safe, dog-friendly backyard. Photo: Dog Lovers Show 2017 website.

During the Dog Lovers Show 2017 in Sydney, Dr Chris Brown gave an informative and entertaining talk on the KONG stage about how to make a safe, dog-friendly backyard.

Celebrity Vet Dr Chris Brown shares some great tips and myths about toxic plants to avoid, allergies, why dogs love digging, how spiders, bees, and wasps affect pets, snails & slugs, and the mysterious light-coloured patch on your lawn and more.

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