Happy 2018 cat lovers! We’re looking forward to a busy, fun-filled year with new Pets4Life stories, offers and programs for pet parents Australia wide. Before we look forward, let’s take a ‘paws’ as we reflect on last year and share with you our most popular cat topics in 2017.

How to introduce a second cat to your cat

How to introduce a second cat to your cat

Photo: Maria 73382/Unsplash.com

Bringing home a new cat or kitten can be very exciting but the fun and excitement can quickly turn to a display of bullying behaviour between the newcomer and your cat.

Dr Jo says, ‘fur can fly’ when introducing a second cat to your cat. So, don’t leave it to chance! In our podcast, Dr Jo simply explains how you can make a ‘paw perfect’ introduction between a second cat and your cat.

Listen now to the podcast or download the transcription.

Tips for a stress-free visit to the vet with your cat

Tips for visiting the vet with your kitten

Use calming strategies when visiting the vet with your kitten. Photo: Paul/Unsplash.com

One of the common challenges of having a feline member of the family is visiting the vet with your kitten. A trip to the veterinarian can be more stressful for cats than for dogs.

Here are some great tips from the ‘Have we seen your cat lately?’ 2017 campaign launched by the Village Vets, Dr Anthony Bennett and Dr James Carroll.

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Choosing a cattery for cat boarding

Tips for choosing a cattery

Tips for choosing a cattery. Photo: alex-jodoin

Who will look after your cat while you’re away? Cat boarding is one option.  Choosing a cattery carefully is important for your cat’s well-being and to give you peace of mind while you’re wine tasting in Western Australia or chilling out at Hamilton Island.

Cat Vet Dr Kim Kendall, Chatswood Cat Palace in Sydney shares her top tips for choosing a cattery for your feline friend.

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KONG toys to keep your cat entertained

Indoor cat entertained with KONG toys

Cat playing with KONG Kickeroo. Photo supplied by Rodney Gooch.

Rodney Gooch, KONG Advisor Team Coordinator chats with Pets4Life about how to keep your indoor cat entertained with KONG toys.

Cats who are solely indoors will require plenty of stimulation and interaction to help alleviate boredom and allow them to express their natural instincts. Playing with your cat is a great way to cultivate a bond between cat and their owner.  Rodney shares his tips about entertaining your indoor cat safely.

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Michaela Lobb shares her ideas for a low-cost catio

Photo: supplied

When Michaela bought her first house in 2013, she wanted a secure outdoor area for Vincent where he could get fresh air and exercise while still being a house cat. So, with help from her family, Michaela created a simple low-cost DIY catio, which is now enjoyed by all her three cats.

Michaela says her cats love their low-cost DIY catio so much, she has to feed them inside the house just so she can spend time with them.

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