Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry to our RSPCA Animal Health pack giveaway and answered our question, ‘what is your top tip to keep your pet healthy?’ We received many great entries from cat and dog guardians around Australia!  We just had to share some of your top tips to keep your pet healthy with the Pets4Life community.

Top tips to keep your pet healthy

‘A healthy cat should be an indoor cat, fed on premium food and a yearly health check visit at the vet including vaccinations.’  Ryan Furness, QLD

‘Look after their teeth! Make sure they are cleaned regularly to avoid a sad, sore pet!’ Rachael Goldsmith, VIC (Winner)

‘Water available all day in a clean bowl, appropriate, portion-controlled food.  Exercise and love.’ Anita Tavendale. S.A

‘Time spent with your pet is time well spent as it alerts us to our pets health warning signals and overall demeanor.’ Helen Tupila, QLD

‘Love them unconditionally.’  Lyn Grice, Qld

Always keep them interacting with the natural world. Whether it be a sandpit, pet-friendly plants, cat run.  Stephanie Harden, S.A.

‘A variety of healthy food, a variety of fun activities, observing any unusual behaviours and a daily dose of cuddles.’ Kathie Winn, W.A

‘I cut up carrots and add peas to add to our dog’s food.’  Bindi Johns, VIC

‘Good nutrition and an awareness of their wellbeing. Check them thoroughly when you pat them and get any worries seen to asap.’  Allira Sartori, NSW (Winner)

‘Know your dog’s issues, and find the best treatment for them. Healthy dog means the best quality of life no matter what their issues.’ Olivia Ferres, VIC

‘Great diet, plenty of exercise and stimulation, and copious amounts of love! Pam Sihota, S.A. (Winner)

‘With 2 jack Russell’s walking is the best for my babies it releases their stress and helps clear their busy little minds and healthy foods.’  Nicole Wilkinson, NSW

‘Groom and exercise daily.’ Jovena Watson, VIC

‘Plenty of fresh air and exercise. My mastiff Brutus loves to run along our dog-friendly beach. Sarah Ellwood, TAS

‘Crack an egg in his food bowl once a week for a shiny coat.’ Simon M, QLD