How to introduce a dog or puppy to your cat podcast

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Welcome to episode four of our Paw Perfect Introduction podcast series. This short episode is all about how to successfully introduce a dog or puppy to your cat.

Bringing home a new dog or puppy can be very exciting but the fun and excitement can quickly turn to panic if your cat is scared and runs away.

Renowned animal behaviourist Dr Joanne Righetti, Better With Pets blog, knows a thing or two about smooth introductions between new and existing pets. Dr Jo has introduced cats to cats, chickens to cats and cats to dogs in her home in Sydney, NSW.

In the podcast, Dr Jo simply explains how you can make a ‘paw perfect’ introduction between a new dog or puppy and your cat. Don’t leave it to chance! Listen now to the podcast or download the transcription.

How to introduce a dog or puppy to your cat podcast key points

  • Before you bring home a dog or puppy, ask a friend with a calm dog to come over.  Observe how your cat reacts to that dog.
  • When choosing a canine friend, look for a dog that is known to be cat-friendly
  • Introduce the new dog on a lead to your cat and place the cat up high where she can feel safe and watch the dog
  • Crate train your new puppy so your pup will have a fun, safe place to go to when you cannot supervise the interaction between your pets
  • Separate the dog/pup and your cat when you are not there to supervise interaction. Otherwise, your cat may be afraid and run away.

How to introduce a dog or puppy to your cat
Paw Perfect Introductions

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