Who’s the Boss?

We uncover who really is the boss between pet parent and their pet in our light-hearted Who’s the boss interviews.  ‘The boss’ is all about good pet guardianship, it is NOT about dominating your dog, now considered an outdated and inhumane approach to dog training.

Past Who’s the Boss pet parents interviews include Bondi Vet Dr Lisa Chimes, Bondi Rescue Andrew ‘Reidy’ Reid, Wonderdogs trainer Kelly Gill, Victorian Truffle Farmer, Comedian Josh Thomas, literary expert Susannah Fullerton, PetRescue Co-Founder Vickie Davy and renowned animal behaviourist Dr Joanne Righetti and many others.

Leisel Jones and her rescue dog, Neville

Former Australian Olympic swimming sensation, Leisel Jones has been a dog lover since she was a child.  So it was a natural step when the time was right for Leisel to look for a canine companion. Almost two years ago, she adopted a six-year-old Staffordshire Bull...

Orphan cub to Ambassador Cheetah

Orphan cub to Ambassador Cheetah - meet Sylvester and his handlers, find out who's the boss From orphan cub to Ambassador Cheetah, this the story of Sylvester, the much loved and well cared for resident Cheetah at Elephant Camp, Zimbabwe, Africa. Sylvester did not...

Wonderdogs trainer Kelly Gill and her dogs

Wonderdogs trainer Kelly Gill and her dogs, cat and other animals - find out who's the boss? Kelly Gill is the hugely talented trainer behind The Wonderdogs, a team of impeccably trained chocolate & white Border Collies who perform stage shows and trick...

TV presenter Brittany Bloomer and her dog Hansel

Who's The Boss reveals who really is the boss between TV presenter Brittany Bloomer and her dog Hansel, a 14-year-old Dachshund who has been by her side since childhood. Brittany is a busy person! At a young age, she has an exciting career as a TV...

Melanie Isaacs Team Dog and her rescue pets

Melanie Isaacs Team Dog, who's the boss? Many cats and dogs entering shelters have owners who love and want them. It's the lack of resources or information that sees them feeling the need to surrender. Enter Team Dog, a not for profit advocacy and welfare organisation...

Cat Vet Dr Kim and her 8 cats, who’s the boss?

Cat Vet Dr Kim Kendall and her 8 cats run a cat cafe, find out who's the boss? Move over dog lovers, it is all about the feline species for Dr Kim Kendall, also known as ‘Cat Vet’.  Dr Kim graduated as a veterinary scientist from Sydney University last century. She...

Nigel Allsopp police dog handler and canine team mate Venus

Nigel Allsopp is many things, a war historian, specialist police dog handler, wildlife expert, published author and TV celebrity. Nigel is also the President and Director of the Australian War Animal Memorials (AWAMO), a non-profit organisation that honours the...

When a man loves cats, I am his friend and comrade, without further introduction.
– An Incident, Mark Twain

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Literary expert Susannah Fullerton and her Maine Coon cats

Susannah Fullerton is Australia’s best-known speaker on famous authors and their works. Susannah is President of the Jane Austen Society of Australia, the largest literary society in the country and Patron of the Kipling Society of Australia. Susannah is an...

Positive dog trainer Louise Newman and her 3 dogs

Let's Go Fido positive dog trainer Louise Newman cannot remember a time when she did not have a dog.  Now she has 3 dogs, Hobbs, Rosie and Harry.  All 3 dogs have participated in pet education programs for schools. Although this makes them sounds angelic they still...

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2 days ago


Just in case you missed it...here's the Ch7 Sunrise segment featuring one of our 2018 Finalists for the Advocate® People’s Rescue Story, Georgi and her cat, Frankenkitten, John and his rescue dog, Tilly and Cathy Beer, Founder of the Jetpets Companion Animal Rescue Awards.

Meet Frankenkitten, the adorable four-eared, one-eye kitten inspiring future pet-owners to adopt rescue animals. 😻
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