Thanks to changes to Victorian Government law from 1 January 2019, pet greyhounds will no longer need to wear muzzles in public says RSPCA publication, The Biscuit. Un-muzzling greyhounds in Victoria is welcome news for owners and those who are thinking of adopting a greyhound.  The RSPCA hopes this change will encourage more people to adopt one of these beautiful and often misunderstood dogs.

In the past, all pet greyhounds were required to be muzzled, unless they have been awarded a green collar under Greyhound Racing Victoria’s Greyhound Adoption Program.  Greyhounds are still required to be leashed at all times in public places, including off-leash areas.   Here are FAQs on un-muzzling greyhounds in Victoria.

Racing greyhounds have a unique lifecycle that includes tailored training routines, so they can need a little more time than other dogs to settle into their new homes and become familiar with their environment and household routines. Adopting a retired greyhound requires patience as there is a lot for them to learn during the transition from racing dog to pet.

Find out more about responsible greyhound ownership, which includes caring for your greyhounds needs, understanding your legal requirements and complying with laws including registration, microchipping and containment of dogs to the owner’s property.

Greyhound rehoming 

Currently, greyhound rehoming programs should (and often do) include a wind-down period for transitioning racing greyhounds to pet life. For example, Greyhound Racing Victoria’s Greyhound Adoption Program undertakes a 28-day wind-down period before rehoming any greyhound.

Diana Rayment is a greyhound behaviour assessor at the Greyhound Adoption Progam in Victoria (GAP) and a companion animal welfare scientist completing her PhD research on canine personality assessments. Diana shares her top tips for families thinking of adopting a greyhound.