We can’t imagine life without our pets. They’re always happy to see us and ready with open hearts to love us.

Pets can ease loneliness, reduce stress, promote social interaction, encourage exercise and playfulness, and provide unconditional love and affection.

So this Valentine’s Day, show your appreciation and do something special for your pet’s well-being.  Here are 5 ways to treat your cat and dog on Valentine’s Day.

 5 ways you can show your love for your cat and dog on Valentine’s Day

  1. Microchip and register your pet 

If you haven’t got around to doing it yet, now’s a good time to get your pet microchipped and registered with your local council. It will ensure they can be easily identified if they get lost or separated.

  1. Reward-based training session 

Consider booking your dog into a reward-based training session which is an activity you can do together.  Your dog will thank you for the mental stimulation and physical activity of training.

Don’t forget your cat! Our feline friends can also enjoy rewards-based training.

  1. New Toy 

Dogs may very quickly become bored with the same old toy. Get a new squeaky toy or tug toy for your dog and play in the back garden together – in the early morning or late afternoon to avoid the heat of the day in our sweltering summer (unless you play under the sprinkler!)

  1. New mouse toy 

Buy your cat a new toy mouse and other toys they can run after and retrieve. This is a great exercise for indoor cats and means you can spend time playing together.

  1. Sensory garden

A herb garden for your cat could include catnip, cat grass, basil or other non-toxic plants that your cat shows an affinity for. Many vets or pet stores will carry Mr Fothergills cat grass or catnip starter kits which have literally everything you need to make up a treat for your cat.

Create a sensory garden for your dog. You could start with hiding treats around the garden and make it a game. A digging pit is also nice. You can use a child’s oyster shell paddling pool which you can put sand in, and then bury treats in the sand. It can be shut up to keep out rain and cats.  Plant grasses such as wheat grass and barley grass, as every dog will get something out of these according to Steve Hill, Head of behaviour and welfare at Bath Cats & Dogs Home in the United Kingdom as reported in Yourdog.cok.uk. Marigold is really easy to grow and many dogs enjoy being around it. Even if you only plant one new plant it’s another smell for dogs to explore. Ensure any plants you put in are dog-friendly and not poisonous!