Free Pet Food Bank for those Doing it Tough

Second Chance Animal Rescue is offering free pet food to anyone who is struggling to afford to feed their animals during these trying times.  Following on from their hugely successful Outreach Program, which offers free vaccinations, micro-chipping, de-sexing vouchers, and food to the pets of anyone struggling financially, the Food Bank Drive-thru days will provide a judgment-free service for anyone needing a helping help to keep their pets happy, healthy, and home.

SCAR Founder, Marisa Debattista says ‘It’s heartbreaking to receive phone calls on a weekly basis from people who love and care for their companion animals but simply can’t afford exorbitant vet bills or sometimes even the cash to buy good pet food.’

She goes on to say ‘for these people, often their animals are their only source of company and its emotionally upsetting for them if their pet is unwell or hungry and they feel like they can’t help. We try and offer a solution.’

How the drive-thru free pet food bank days’ work

Second Chance Animal Rescue free pet food for those doing it tough. Photo supplied.

Second Chance Animal Rescue veterinarian. Photo supplied.

All you need to do is turn up between the hours that the food collection is running, open your car window and let our team know what it is that you need, and we will pass it to you. No need to leave the safety of your car and our team will be wearing full PPE and will be following strict hygiene measures to keep everyone safe during these food drives.

When: Tues 21st July from 8.30am-11am & Sat 25th July from 9am-12pm
Where: SCAR Animal Shelter, 23 Grasslands Ave, Craigieburn, VIC.

SCAR was established in 2008 in the loungeroom of SCAR Founder and veterinary nurse, Marisa Debattista, as she realised that too many dogs and cats were being put to sleep simply because pounds and shelters didn’t have the space to keep them. After years of fundraising she has moved the shelter from its previous home in Campbellfield to a new facility in Craigieburn.

The Shelter, Animal Hospital and Cattery facility in Craigieburn rescues animals, due to be euthanised, from other pounds and shelters and offer them a second chance at finding their forever homes. The Facility also offers affordable veterinary care as well as holiday boarding via the Cattery with all proceeds funding the rescue shelter services.