Top tips for travelling interstate with pets

travelling interstate with pets

Jetpets handler, Renee. Photo: supplied

Is your pet travelling interstate in the near future?

We asked the team at Jetpets to put together their top tips for travelling interstate with pets to help make the trip as smooth and relaxed as possible – for both you and your pet.

3 Tips for travelling interstate with pets from Jetpets

  • When you arrive at your destination, it’s a good idea to slowly introduce your pet to their new environment. For cats, keep them confined to a small, quiet room. Choose a room that your cat can ‘own’ for the next few days and place their food, water and litter in there, as well as a comfortable space to sleep and of course – somewhere to hide! Dogs get very attached to their home turf, so for your canine pal, it’s a good idea to start settling your dog into their new routine as soon as you move in. Walk your dog daily, especially in the morning, along the same route each day. Not only will this familiarise them with their new neighbourhood and its smells, but it will also help burn off any excess energy they may have and reduce stress levels, which will help if you will generally be out during the day.
  • travelling interstate with pets

    Jetpets Dave and Ambassador dog, Sahara. Photo: supplied

    Before the big trip, it’s important to familiarise your pet with their travel crate. Put your pets crate in an area that they like to spend a lot of time and place their bedding and favourite treats in the crate. Make interacting with the crate a fun experience, so that when the time comes to move, they will feel comfortable and relaxed in their crate.

  • You may be tempted to buy new toys, accessories and bedding for your pet when you travel with them interstate. It’s best to avoid this, instead provide items they are familiar with to help make the transition comforting.

As always, these things take time, so remember to give your pets lots of love and care to help make the transition to a new home a little easier!

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