Tips to keep your pet healthy from the Pets4Life community

Ruby enjoys daily walks to Ettalong beach. Photo: Lexie Macdonald

Pets4Life community shares their tips to keep your pet healthy

It’s well known that pets bring many benefits to our lives.  Research has shown that owning a pet can have a number of physical health benefits including increased cardiovascular health, increased physical activity and fewer visits to the doctor. Pets are also great caregivers. They keep us company when we’re sick or feeling down. In return, as pet parents, we have a duty of care to keep our pets healthy and happy.

We asked a question in our recent Blackmores Hamper competition, what is your tip to keep your pet healthy?  We’ve selected a few entries from the competition to share with you these ‘paws of wisdom’ from the Pets4Life community.

Tips to keep your pet healthy

To keep my dog Baxter healthy we have regular exercise, daily walks and play outside like fetch and chasing but also activities to stimulate his brain.  Katie Nolan, VIC

Vet visits, regular walks and exercise, feeding him the right food and with our long haired cat, lots of brushing knots out so he can move freely. Lynne Lillington, QLD

‘Observation’, notice things early; are they not eating much? Are bowel motions loose or bloody? Any lethargy? Observe what’s usual/unusual for your pet. Kathie Winn, WA

To keep my pets healthy they have regular worming, flea treatment and an annual check up with the vet. They are fed fresh meat and have regular walks. They love to play with a ball and playing in their own pool especially when it’s hot. Judith Hollingshed, NSW

Always keep them vaccinated and keep them up to date. Virus’s are very deadly and our furry pals deserve the very best. Nicole Molone, NSW

Tips to keep your pet healthy

Maximus and Vincent in their catio. Photo: Michaela Lobb

Regular visits to the vet for checkups and vaccinations, feeding your fur baby freshly cooked veggies and treats such as dental sticks and rawhide bones. Michelle Plapp, TAS

Loads of exercise and loads of loving and socialisation with people and other animals. Meshlin Khouri, NSW

Regular check-ups with my local Vet and monthly grooming along with a complete healthy diet and plenty of fun and exercise. Emily Fletcher, VIC

I have 3 housecats so it is always a challenge to keep them entertained and stimulated.  We have created a “catio” with a water fountain, cat-friendly plants, scratching posts, cushions and kitty litter tray so that they can have a sense of the outdoors while being indoors.  Michaela Lobb, VIC

I only use good natural food, treats and health care products, organic if possible, and not over feeding to maintain a healthy weight. Deborah Henry, NSW

Feed them good food & give them a daily dose of probiotics & fish oils. Catherine  Toth-Lacey, QLD

A balanced diet is as important as daily walks and mental stimulation always followed by a good cuddle or game. Zittlau Birte, VIC

We go to the beach daily, eat healthy food, always have him with us, teach him new things, and shower him with love and affectionBrandi Royston, WA