Veterinarian Dr. Leigh Davidson from Your Vet Online covers all you need to know about dog scooting.  Dr Leigh says there are quite a few potential reasons why your dog might scoot along the floor on their bottom. The main reason they do this is that they are either suffering from discomfort or they are itchy.

Dog scooting causes

There are many reasons why your dog is scooting along your polished floorboards or carpet including:

1. Anal Gland Problems

One of the most common reasons for a dog rubbing their bottom along the ground is that they may have discomfort due to enlarged anal glands.

2. Tail Fold Problems

Breeds that are prone to tail fold problems include any of the brachycephalic breeds such as English bulldogs, French bulldogs and pugs, Shar-peis and Bloodhounds.  These deep skin folds attract moisture and heat so are the perfect breeding ground for bacterial infection.

3. Parasites

When we discuss scooting caused by parasites we could be talking about internal parasites such as worms, or external parasites such as fleas, mites or ticks.  Any parasite that is crawling along the skin can cause irritation and an itch.  It is important to keep your dog up to date with all flea and worm treatments to stop this from occurring.

4. Diarrhoea/Loose Faeces

It’s not uncommon to see a dog scoot when they have poop stuck to the hair around their bottom, or even if they are unable to completely expel the faeces.

5. Allergies

Dogs who are itchy all over love to scratch and rub their bottoms along the ground.  Different types of allergies:

  • environmental allergy
  • atopy
  • food allergy
  • parasitic allergy (flea allergy dermatitis)

Dr Leigh covers all of these reasons for scooting and more in-depth on her Vet Online website.


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