Cats and their food are unlike dogs, they eat during both the day and the night.  They need variety in their diet but you need to be aware of how cats perceive food when you change from one food to the next.

Cats perceive their food through their sense of smell, feel and taste.  But what’s the most important to cats and their food?

What’s important to cats and their food

  1. Odour – the most important factor for cats in determining the palatability or otherwise of a food is – the smell or odour of food. Cats receive particular smells through a scent organ in the roof of the mouth.
  2. Feel – The next most important factor is the feel of the food in the mouth
  3. Taste – the actual taste the least important factor.  Cats have little response to ‘sugars’ or sweet things in their food as they don’t have the same taste buds we do.

Cats and their food source:

‘Training your Cat’ book by Dr Kersti Seksel, SABS.