Dog sports in Australia

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Dog sports are a great way to enjoy the outdoors and bond with your dog.  We have a comprehensive list of available dogs sports in Australia to help you find an activity suitable for your dog.

History of dog sports in Australia

When the early settlers arrived at what became Australia, they brought with them their ways of using the land to provide sustenance, this included livestock and the dogs they had used to guard and herd this stock. Working dogs quickly became part of the backbone of the developing nation, of which it was said for many years that Australia rode on the sheep’s back.

In the early 1990’s, Australia wide, people who owned dogs not in work but of the herding breeds were keen to demonstrate that their dogs. Some bred for many generations purely for showing or performance activities, were still able to perform the functions for which they were developed in the first place.  (Source: Dogs Victoria)

We have a huge range of dog sports in Australia on offer.  There is something for every dog!  The first step is to check out this list of dog sports.  The next step is to get off the lounge and take Rover to your local dog club and have fun!

List of dogs sports in Australia

Competition dog obedience
Dog Agility
Dances with dogs
Disc Dog
Earth Dog
Lure Coursing
Rally Obedience (Rally O)
Retrieving and Field Trials
Schutzhund & Ring Sports
Track and Search

The Australian National Kennel Council is the federal organisation representing the interests of its Member Bodies in each of the States and Territories of the Commonwealth of Australia (see below). Its mission is to promote excellence in dog sports in Australia as well as breeding, showing, and other canine related activities.

Dog sports in Australia, find a dog club near you

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