What are retrieving and field trials?

This sport is a test of basic retrieving ability, where dogs and handlers are tested for obedience, and natural retrieving and hunting abilities. The trials are held on country properties where the terrain varies; such as hills, gullies, and thick cover. Items to be retrieved are cast from a mechanical thrower and dogs must be able to seek and retrieve the ‘game’ and gently deliver it to the handler.

A Field Trial is a competition where the working ability of dogs is assessed under actual hunting and shooting conditions in the field. Trials are mostly run on rabbits, but dogs finding other legal game will be scored with a ‘find’ by the judge. (Source: Dogs NSW)

What Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) titles can be attained?

Dogs NSW awards titles at two levels; novice retrieving ability (NRA) and open retriever ability (ORA).  There are three types of Field Trials in which a registered Gundog may compete according to breed – Pointer & Setter Field Trials, Spaniel & Retriever Field Trials and Utility Gundog Field Trials.

Is my dog suitable for retrieving and field trials?

Retrieving and field trials are open to both registered and associate Gundogs.

Age restriction: All dogs entered must be over six months of age and trials are conducted by various Gundog Clubs during the year.

Where can I do retrieving and field trials?

Find a dog club near you by contacting ANKC‘s State member bodies.

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