What is disc dog?

This dog sport is essentially the human game of Frisbee, however, instead the dog catches the disc. In disc dog competitions, dogs and their human flying disc throwers compete in events such as distance catching and somewhat choreographed freestyle catching.

Points are awarded to the team for catches at varying distances. Competitions also often feature a freestyle event, which consists of short routines choreographed to music with multiple discs in play. The less common long distance events have various formats, but generally the longest catch wins.

Canine Disc Australia (CDA) is the organisation that sanctions trials, tracks points and titles for the sport of disc dog in Australia.

What titles can be attained?

There are four divisions for competition below.  Each division has its own titles and awards.

Throw & catch
Freestyle skills

Is my dog suitable for disc dog?

CDA says the sport is for all types/breeds of dogs – whether they are big or small, pure bred or cross breeds. As long as your dog is healthy you can give canine disc a go.

Restrictions: Dogs that are 15 inches tall and under must be measured to be eligible to use Small Discs. • Dogs must be a minimum of 18months old to compete in all classes except the NFC.

Where can I do disc dog?

Find a dog club near you by contacting CDA or ANKC‘s State member bodies:

Dogs ACT

Dogs West

Dogs Queensland

Dogs NT

Dogs NSW

Dogs SA

Dogs Tasmania

Dogs Victoria