What is competition dog obedience?

Dog owners learn how to teach their dog to follow basic instructions such as sit, heel, down, come, and stay in obedience training.  The aim of obedience training is to train the dog to be well mannered in the community.

Competition dog obedience takes this training to a competitive level with the aim to win an award.  It is a precision sport where the handler and dog do a series of standard exercises as directed by the judge.  Handlers are not allowed to speak to their dogs other than to give each instruction, for example, ‘heel’, ‘stand’, ‘down’, and ‘stay’, etc.

What Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) titles can be attained?

There are five classes of attainment, each marked by a title:

Community Companion Dog Class
Novice Class
Utility Class
Utility Dog Excellent Class

Is my dog suitable for competition dog obedience?

There are no breed restrictions for competition dog obedience.

Age restriction: Puppies six months of age or over.

Where can I do competition dog obedience?

Find out more from the ANKC‘s State member bodies:

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