Bow Wow Meow offer 5% off pet insurance premiums for Pets4Life community

5% off pet insurance premiums for Pets4Life

Special offer for Pet4Life community

Now is the time to consider pet insurance or review your existing policy.  Bow Wow Meow is offering 5% off pet insurance premiums for the life of your policy for the Pets4Life community.

It’s easy! To receive your 5% discount, just use the promo code ‘PETS4LIFE’ when obtaining a quote at or phone on 1800 668 502.

Hurry! This offer only lasts until 31st August 2016. 

About Bow Wow insurance

At Bow Wow we are proud to be independently rated the Number 1 Pet Insurer in Australia (on consumer site,*, current as at 30/05/2016). We believe this is because of the outstanding service that we give our customers and the real financial support that we provide to thousands of Australian pet owners each year.

Our policies cover a multitude of conditions – in fact, Bow Wow Meow has paid out over 40,000 claims in the last year (from 1 April 2015 to 1 April 2016) for many conditions relating to Accidental Injury, Emergency Boarding, Routine Care and many others. Of course, like all insurance products, our insurance comes with certain exclusions. These are necessary to keep pet insurance affordable for the average pet owner and are clearly outlined in our Product Disclosure Statement.

Australian consumer advocacy group, Choice conducted a review of 68 policies from 19 brands of pet insurance and announced their findings in a media release in April 2016. Bow Wow Meow responds to Choice’s media release and gives their ‘side of the story’.  Read more.

9 tips for choosing pet insurance

Here are CHOICE‘s  9 tips for choosing pet insurance following their latest review of pet insurance policies.