Who’s The Boss?

We uncover who really is the boss between pet parent and their pet in these light hearted interviews.  Past Who’s the Boss? pet parents include Bondi Vet Dr Lisa Chimes, Bondi Rescue Andrew ‘Reidy’ Reid, a Victorian Truffle Farmer, Comedian Josh Thomas, literary expert Susannah Fullerton, animal behaviourist Dr Joanne Righetti and many others.

PetRescue’s Vickie Davy and her family of geriatric dogs and foster kittens

Vickie Davy's PetRescue and her geriatric dogs, who's the boss?

Vickie Davy with her dogs, Floyd and Mikala

PetRescue’s Vickie Davy and her family of geriatric dogs and foster kittens, find out who’s the boss?

Vickie Davy is the Co-Founder of PetRescue, a national animal welfare charity helping to save the lives of thousands of homeless pets. PetRescue.com.au is now Australia’s most visited charity website with 250 searches a minute for adoptable pets.

Vickie Davy ‘walks the talk’ by adopting and fostering cats and dogs over many years.  It’s never dull in Vickie’s household with geriatric dogs, kittens and a young daughter.  We find out who’s really the boss in her busy home and the special dog who inspired her to get involved in animal welfare and then PetRescue.  Continue Reading →

Leisel Jones and her rescue dog, Neville

Leisel Jones and her rescue dog, Neville, find out who’s the boss?

Leisel Jones and her rescue dog, Neville

Leisel Jones and her rescue dog, Neville at home in NSW

Former Australian Olympic swimming sensation, Leisel Jones has been a dog lover since she was a child.  So it was a natural step when the time was right for Leisel to look for a canine companion. Almost two years ago, she adopted a six-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Neville.

Liesel Jones and her rescue dog, Neville are a perfect match. They make a great team, although Neville has a way to go to perfect his swimming skills!  Continue Reading →

Orphan cub to Ambassador Cheetah

Orphan cub to Ambassador Cheetah – meet Sylvester and his handlers, find out who’s the boss

Orphan cub to Ambassador Cheetah

Sylvester in the National Park. Photo supplied.

From orphan cub to Ambassador Cheetah, this the story of Sylvester, the much loved and well cared for resident Cheetah at Elephant Camp, Zimbabwe, Africa.

Sylvester did not have an easy start to life, a ranger witnessed a lion kill his mother and siblings when he was just a four day old cub.  With the excellent care from his handler Farai Chikwara and his two colleagues, at the age of seven, Sylvester enjoys a good life in the national park and his role as Ambassador Cheetah in the community.

Cathy Beer, Pets4Life visited Elephant Camp in August 2016 where she met Farai Chikwara and Sylvester. Cathy chats with Farai about Sylvester’s life at Elephant Camp and finds out who’s the boss between Sylvester and his handlers. Continue Reading →

Wonderdogs trainer Kelly Gill and her dogs

Wonderdogs trainer Kelly Gill and her dogs, cat and other animals – find out who’s the boss?

Wonderdogs trainer Kelly Gill

Kelly Gill with Sketch and Flynn. Photo: Akemi Photography

Kelly Gill is the hugely talented trainer behind The Wonderdogs, a team of impeccably trained chocolate & white Border Collies who perform stage shows and trick demonstrations with audience participation.  You would’ve seen The Wonderdogs starring in lots of film & television roles including ads on TV. Over the last few years Wonderdogs trainer Kelly Gill has travelled around Australia to major events with celebrity veterinarian Dr Katrina Warren, providing entertainment and education for the public.

Kelly lives on a large property in the Hunter Valley, NSW with her partner Robert and family of nine Border Collies, Tigger the ginger super cat and other animals. Find out if Kelly has a favourite Wonderdog and who’s the boss in her busy world of dogs, horses and…don’t forget Tigger the cat! Continue Reading →

TV presenter Brittany Bloomer and her dog Hansel

TV celebrity Brittany Bloomer and her dog Hansel – who’s the boss?

Brittany Bloomer and Hansel. Photo supplied.

Brittany Bloomer and Hansel. Photo supplied.

Who’s The Boss reveals who really is the boss between TV presenter Brittany Bloomer and her dog Hansel, a 14 year old Dachshund who has been by her side since childhood.

Brittany is a busy person! At a young age she has an exciting career as a TV presenter, which has taken her all around the world, travelling to countries like Korea, Fiji, America and China.  Brittany is a huge animal advocate.  In April 2016, she launched Pound Paws, whose mission is to help abandoned and surrendered animals find a home.  Pound Paws collaborates with pounds Australia wide to give you the latest listings of cats, dogs and other animals who need a loving home.

Hansel was the inspiration behind Pound Paws and he is now a proud Ambassador for the organisation. Find out who’s the boss between Brittany Bloomer and her dog Hansel.  Continue Reading →

Melanie Isaacs Team Dog and her rescue pets

Melanie Isaacs Team Dog, who’s the boss?

Melanie Isaacs Team Dog and her rescue pets

Who’s the boss? Melanie or her pets? Photo: supplied

Many cats and dogs entering shelters have owners who love and want them. It’s the lack of resources or information that sees them feeling the need to surrender. Enter Team Dog, a not for profit advocacy and welfare organisation co-foundered by Melanie Isaacs in 2013.  Team Dog supports pet owners in times of crisis.

This wonderful charity helps pet owners with – payment of reclaim fees, assistance with Breed Specific Legislation, low-cost veterinary services, provision of resources such as behaviourists and containment systems, and more.

Melanie Isaacs has spent many years working in Animal Management in NSW.  Melanie’s passion lies with open minded and caring approaches to pet owner interactions, and positive legislative reform.  Melanie lives with her two adopted cats and a dog.  She showers them with affection and care, find out who’s the boss? Continue Reading →

Inspiring story of paraplegic Charlene Meade and competition dog agility

Charlene Meade is a paraplegic and dog agility competitor – she’s proof that being in a wheel chair is no barrier to having pets

Charlene Meade

Charlene Meade and her faithful Sheltie Brook

Former Paralympian Charlene Meade is one of the longest living paraplegics from trauma at 84 years old.  Charlene is also a big dog sports enthusiast and has won awards for agility competitions.

Charlene lives independently with her two dogs and one cat. She’s proof that being in a wheel chair is no barrier to looking after pets.

Charlene reveals her tip about getting a dog for people in a wheel chair. Her message is clear, ‘I want people to know you can easily live with a dog in a wheel chair’. Continue Reading →

Tasmanian artist Felicity Edwards and her feline muse, who’s the boss?

Tasmanian artist Felicity Edwards and her feline muse – find out who’s the boss?

Tasmanian artist Felicity Edwards and her feline muse

Felicity Edwards with her cat Xena.

Felicity Edwards is an artist and animal lover. Stray cats, rescue horses and dogs have been a big part of her life and her art. Felicity lives in Tasmania with her two black cats, Xena and her son, Marvin. The cats were both strays and now happily live in a life of luxury inside. Her partner Peter’s Cavalier King Charles, Button, sadly died around a year ago and they’ve been too devastated to get another dog since. Felicity says Marvin is definitely her muse because he is such a character. The dynamic between Xena and Marvin gives her endless inspiration for her drawings.

Felicity shares her heart-warming story about the relationships between the humans and animals in her household. Find out who really is the boss between Tasmanian artist Felicity Edwards and her feline muse.   Continue Reading →

Cat Vet Dr Kim and her 8 cats, who’s the boss?

Cat Vet Dr Kim Kendall and her 8 cats run a cat cafe, find out who’s the boss?

Cat Vet Dr Kim at her multi-cat cafe

Dr Kim and Sasha at the Chatswood Cat Palace Purrfection cafe

Move over dog lovers, it is all about the feline species for Dr Kim Kendall, also known as ‘Cat Vet’.  Dr Kim graduated as a veterinary scientist from Sydney University last century. She travelled the world for many years until a passion for cat medicine took hold. After further studies, Kim established her first cat clinic on Sydney’s North Shore in 1994.  Dr Kim is a world expert in feline friendly care, one of only two cat-only vets in Sydney and the only cat vet in Australia qualified in cat behaviour.

Dr Kim opened the Chatswood Cat Palace vet clinic and the Purrfection Cat Café over a year ago.  The café’s residents are Ralph, Sasha, Patch, Boyo, Fifi, Ben, Smoky, Snowy and Madge.  We reveal who’s the boss and Dr Kim shares her top tips on how to keep cats happy in a multi-cat household. Continue Reading →

Nigel Allsopp and his canine team mate Venus

Nigel Allsopp, police dog handler and his black Labrador, Venus, are inseparable. Find out who’s the boss?

Nigel Allsopp and his police canine colleague, Venus

Nigel and Venus. Photo: Nigel Allsop

Our first Who’s the boss? guest for 2016 is Nigel Allsopp, war historian, specialist dog handler, wildlife expert, published author and TV celebrity. Nigel is the President and Director of the Australian War Animal Memorials (AWAMO), a non-profit organisation that honours the animals of war. Nigel started his career as a Military Working Dog Handler in the Royal New Zealand Air Force in 1980 and later became a specialist narcotic detection dog handler and an explosive detection handler. Nigel conducted several operational tours of duty which are still classified.   Continue Reading →

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