As farmers continue to feel the ongoing effects of drought, many are having to give their beloved four-legged mates away but luckily their city neighbours are stepping up to help as reported by ABC News Brisbane.

Dozens of working dogs have been surrendered from properties throughout Queensland and New South Wales as farmers have struggled to afford to feed and look after them.

Natalie Haddock has been running Brisbane’s Eavings Rescue, an organisation dedicated to rehabilitating and rehoming dogs, and has seen a recent influx of kelpies, border collies and other working dog breeds.

In one extreme case, Ms Haddock saw 25 dogs from one farm surrendered.

Working dogs surrendered key points:

  • Dozens of dogs are being surrendered by drought-stricken farmers to refuges in metropolitan cities
  • Recent fires in NSW have seen a rise in the number of dogs surrendered from properties in drought
  • Many dogs are older and near retirement age, making the transition to life in the city easier

Read the full article in ABC News Brisbane.

Photo: Martin Pot (Martybugs at en-wikipedia)