Winter Cat Care Talks at Cat Protection Society NSW

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Winter Cat Care Talks 2017 at Cat Protection Society NSW

Cat Protection Society NSW is a charity dedicated to finding loving and responsible homes for cats in need and actively working with government and non-government agencies to promote and improve cat welfare.  Cat Protection Society NSW’s winter cat care talks are back! These information sessions will provide up-to-date, practical advice delivered by experts.  

Winter Cat Care Talks Details

Winter cat care talks at Cat Protection Society NSWCost: Free
Location: Cat Protection Adoption Centre
103 Enmore Road, Newtown
Bookings are essential, phone 02 9519 7201


Who will take care of my cat? Documenting your future wishes
Saturday 29 July at 11 am

Most people find pre-planning legal documents complex and confusing. Very few people understand Wills, Powers of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship. For cat owners, knowing our feline friends will be cared for in the event we can’t care for them is a vital consideration in future planning. Our special guest speaker, Ruth Pollard, Assistant Director Legal Services, NSW Trustee & Guardian, will help you learn about taking control of your future – and making provisions for your cats in the event you can no longer care for them yourself.

What’s normal & what’s not in feline health
Sunday 6 August or Sunday 20 August at 11 am

This talk will cover common healthy feline behaviours, and highlight signs that your cat may be unwell and in need of veterinary care. Delivered by Dr David Hughes of Concord Veterinary Hospital, this is a very important talk not to be missed. It will be of particular interest to those who have recently adopted, or are thinking of adopting, a cat. With such positive feedback last year, we will be holding two sessions so more people can attend this insightful talk.

The Good Neighbour Project: Wildlife matters
Sunday 6 August at 1 pm

Being a responsible cat owner means ensuring the welfare and wellbeing of your cat as well as protecting the local fauna and neighbourhood amenity. Put simply, it means being a good neighbour. Kristie Harris from WIRES will deliver a talk on wildlife matters not to be missed by cat-owners and non-cat owners alike. Learn what you can do to help protect the wildlife in your neighbourhood.

Cat nutrition
Saturday 27 August at 11 am

Learn all about cat nutrition with this talk delivered by Dr Penny Dobson from Hills Pet Nutrition. Learn why feeding your pet a complete and balanced diet is vital to their health. Dr Dobson will cover the different life stages of cats and what is important nutritionally at each stage. Vital for those who’ve had a feline friend for a while to understand their cat’s changing nutritional needs.

Fleas and worms
Saturday 19 August at 1 pm

We all know that flea and worm protection is important for cats, but few outside trained professionals understand the consequences of failing to do so.  This talk from Cat Protection’s Feline Services Manager Nerida Atkin, will open your eyes! Particular emphasis will be placed on age, and indoor/ outdoor living arrangements. Go beyond the basics with information on some of the problems that can arise from fleas and worms and how to prevent them.

Bookings essential: Please call our welfare office Monday-Friday between 9 am and 4 pm on 02 9519 7201 to book your place for these wonderful free talks.

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