Have you changed to a vegan or vegetarian diet and thinking of doing the same for your cat? 

Humans can easily switch to a no meat diet very successfully without health problems.  Unfortunately, it’s not the same for cats says International Cat Care. A vegan or vegetarian diet for cats does not suit their unique metabolism.

Cats have developed and evolved as ‘strict carnivores’.  This means that they have developed a metabolism that requires a supply of a number of nutrients. These nutrients including certain vitamins, amino acids, and fatty acids can only found in a meat/animal based diet.  Without these nutrients, cats will develop a variety of diseases and will die.  This is simply the result of the development of cats as a predator species.  They are not able to adapt to or survive on a plant-based diet.

A meat-based diet is both the natural diet for cats and the one that meets their needs.  Cats look and behave as they do because they have evolved to be hunters and eat a meat-based diet.

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