Pets4Life is an independent resource for cat and dog owners and for those who are thinking of adding a cat or dog to the family. The Pets4Life launch event at Willoughby Council, New South Wales was held on Tuesday, 3rd December 2013.

Wendy Norton, Councillor and Chair of Willoughby Council’s Companion Animals Committee officially launched Pets4Life.  Guests included members of the Companion Animals Committee, well respected local Veterinarian, Dr Cathie Savage and other supporters.  The chocolate mud cake was a big hit and enjoyed by all!

Cathy Beer, Founder of Pets4Life talked about why she created the site and the range of information it offers the community.

“When I adopted our dogs from a rescue group in 2008 I discovered a dark side to pet ownership, high euthanasia rates across Australia and I wanted to do something about it, ” said Cathy

“I created Pets4Life to help cat and dog owners become even better pet parents,” she said.

Since the Pets4Life launch event at Willoughby Council, Pets4Life has forged ahead with new content including interviews with several experts on a range of topics and introduced a unique podcast series, Paw Perfect Introductions with renowned animal behavourist Dr Joanne Righetti.

Pets4Life has given talks on before you get a dog with tips from the eGuide at A Pooch Affair in Canberra, Home & Garden Show in Bowral and Fauna Fair in Sydney.

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What’s next with Pets4Life?

In 2018, Pets4Life is launching an exciting new national initiative, the Companion Animal Rescue Awards whose mission is to recognise and celebrate examples of dedication to rehoming cats and dogs Australia wide.

Pets4Life’s manifesto

Every animal deserves a good life, not just a life of existence.