The ship’s cat who helped Flinders Map Australia

Not many cats get memorials. Trim has six of them! This delightful new book, TRIM The Cartographer’s Cat details this remarkable and much-loved feline’s story who accompanied our famous explorer, Matthew Flinders.


Trim The Cartographer’s Cat

Flinders may be famous for being the explorer who mapped Australia, but Trim is almost equally famous for going with him.  Theirs was an extraordinary adventurous life.  Together they completed a voyage around the world, including the first event circumnavigation of Australia, and survived a shipwreck.

The book includes Flinder’s own whimsical tribute to Trim, letters and journal entries he wrote at the same time, as well as witty and fanciful speculation on what Trim might have thought about all this.

Beautiful maps, historical artworks, quirky original illustrations and excerpts from Flinders’ original handwritten manuscript help bring Trim’s timeless tale to life.