What to look for in scratching post for cats

What to look for in scratching posts for cats

Scratching is essential for a cat’s well-being. Photo: Icemanj/Shutterstock.com

Does your kitten enjoy scratching your new leather lounge chair? Then you need a scratching pole ASAP!

Whether you have an indoor cat or not, all cats need access to a scratching pole in your home to express her natural scratching behaviour.  Find out what to look for in scratching posts for cats. 

Cats have retractable claws on their front paws which assist in climbing and catching prey.  They also use their claws to scratch trees and other vertical objects as a sign of familiarity (familiar = good) and to communicate to each other.  Scratching is used by cats as a visual as well as a scent marker.  This scratching behaviour might also be seen with objects in your home, including your furniture!

It’s pointless to use punishment to try to stop scratching your furniture – if we yell or squirt them with water they simply learn not to scratch when you are around and do it when we aren’t.  Instead you can deter your kitten from scratching your furniture by providing a scratching post. Find out more about how to train your cat to use a scratching post.

What to look for when choosing a scratching post for cats

  • Sturdy so it does not rock when used
  • Tall enough to allow the cat to stretch up to scratch
  • Covered in material the cat likes to scratch usually carpet or sisal – the material must be a loose weave so that the kitten can really get its claws  into it to tear and leave a scent mark.
  • Placed in an area the cats frequents

Source: Delta Society of Australia

Here’s a couple of cat scratching pole designs we found on the Internet from the simple to the fancy.

Cat tip of the week Cat scratch pole

Photo: catscratching.co.uk


Cat scratching pole 'Tasmania'

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