PetRescue is Australia’s most visited charity website –  PetRescue brings thousands of rescue pets face-to-face with thousands of potential adopters every day, and all members are able to list their pets at zero cost.

PetRescue celebrated its 14th birthday and the team is SUPER excited to announce that, very soon, you and every one of the 20,000+ pet lovers who visit their website every day will have the opportunity to donate directly to help any pet you fall in love with on PetRescue*.

Christmas 2017, PetRescue made a pledge to help increase funding options available to all their rescue members across Australia, so they can save more lives. And, thanks to all the kind folk who donated to their Christmas campaign, and the amazing team at Shout For Good, PetRescue is now ready to roll with a first-of-its-kind digital solution for grassroots rescue organisations to generate direct donations.  

PetRescue has started the rollout and donate buttons are already popping up on pet listings and rescue group profile pages.

*All donations made via the Shout for Good platform go directly to the individual rescue organisation caring for the pet. PetRescue and Shout for Good do not receive any commission, and there’s no set-up or annual subscription fees for rescue organisations who sign up.  Rescue organisations must be a PetRescue member and registered with the ACNC to be eligible to sign up for an account with Shout for Good.


PetRescue donate directly initiative


PetRescue is a key Supporter of the Jetpets Companion Animal Rescue Awards 2018, a Pets4Life initiative to celebrate and recognise achievements in the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of pets Australia wide.