Australia is a nation of pet lovers, with latest figures showing there are 24 million pets in Australia, and 3.6 million households owning a dog[1]. Our furry friends are a firm part of the family, but with the warmer months around the corner, many pets shed even more animal hair when the temperatures rise which often means more time cleaning for pet owners.

And after finding fame as the 2014 winner of House Rules, Lisa Lamond has been announced as Kärcher Australia’s brand new ambassador.

Lisa is ‘mum’ to two gorgeous dogs, Buckley (7 years) and Jax (2 years), is familiar with the challenges of keeping the house clean with pets.

Lisa said, “Like most dogs, Buckley and Jax shed more hair in spring and summer, and the hair and general mess from them drives me crazy sometimes! Our dogs bring so much happiness to our family, I wouldn’t change anything, but I’ve learnt that more dedication is required to keep them and the house clean. With two young children I don’t have a lot of time for this, but I’ve picked up some handy tips for keeping a clean home with pets.”

6 tips for a fur free home

  1. Invest in quality cleaning products: Pet hair often needs something heavy duty to remove it thoroughly. I love the Kärcher FC5 Hard Floor Cleaner which vacuums and mops at the same time, leaving the floor super clean in no time thanks to the two in one function.


  1. Wash and groom your pets regularly: I like to wash the dogs once a week, more if they are really dirty from playing outside. I also brush them two or three times a week in warmer months to capture some of the hair they are about to shed!


  1. Use furniture covers: If you have bouncy, cuddly dogs like Buckley and Jax, you’ll know the dilemma when it comes to letting them on furniture. It can be so hard to keep them off the sofas without feeling guilty, so I’ve found using covers is the best way to keep sofas looking fresh. You don’t have to use old sheets, I’ve picked up some nice looking, inexpensive cotton blankets from mainstream stores. They also double as protectors from toddler hands! Another great way to refresh furniture is with the Kärcher Steam Cleaner, which can be used to refresh soft furnishings and carpet without harsh chemicals.


  1. Make friends with a lint roller: Lint rollers are my go-to for so many things, I keep them handy in the car and bedroom, they’re great for furniture, bedspreads, and clothing. If there’s hair on my clothes from the dogs I’ll give everything a quick touch up before I’m out the door.


  1. Be prepared before muddy walks: If I know the daily dog walk is going to be a bit muddy or if I’ve just cleaned the floors, I’ll use the Kärcher OC3 Cleaner outside afterward – the handy OC3 Pet Box add-on includes a Conical Jet Nozzle, Fur Cleaning Brush and Microfibre Viscose Towel. The Conical Jet Nozzle is perfect for cleaning dirt from the dogs, or even just from their paws, after my walks.


  1. Quickly clean stains: I’m lucky that Buckley and Jax rarely do mess inside nowadays, so happy to be past that phase! When Jax was a puppy he was leaving wee stains inside, and my big tip for getting them out of carpet is with carbonated water and bicarb soda. As soon as you see the stain, put some fizzy water or water mixed with bicarb on and leave for a few minutes, then rub with a cloth.

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