Ever pilled a cat and lived to tell the tale?  Kitty Klasses at Café Purrfection can teach you how!

It may be the Year of the Dog in the Chinese zodiac, but not for felines who are determined to remain one of the world’s oldest and most worshipped pets!

To mark the International Cats’ Birthday and the third anniversary of the opening of Sydney’s first cat café, Café Purrfection, on March 1, the Chatswood Cat Palace announces the launch of Kitty Klasses to eduCATe a new generation of cat worshippers.

Kitty Klasses at Chatswood Cat Palace, Sydney

Kitty Klasses at Chatswood Cat Palace, Sydney

The Kitty Klasses will be held at Café Purrfection – the first cat café in the world with trained, temperament-selected rescue cats. The Kitty Klasses are a world-first variation of Kitten Kindy®, created by veterinary behaviour expert Dr Kersti Seksel to teach young cats to learn to be sociable and owners to learn how to raise a well-adjusted kitty!

Unlike ‘kitten preschools’ that cater to people and their own little leos, Kitty Klasses are open to anyone of any age and they don’t even have to own a cat, explained Sydney’s leading ‘Cat Vet’ Dr Kim Kendall, a world expert feline veterinarian and behaviourist, presenter and author of feline care and behaviour.

“If you don’t have a cat, it’s no CATastrophe! We will also have rescue kittens at the café for you to wrangle with,” she laughed. “The Kitty Klasses are about ensuring an awareness of the best things you can do for cats, such as grooming and flea control customised to your cat/kitten, physical and mental stimulation, boarding and more.”

Some cat parenting challenges in today’s urban environment involve training your whiskered friend (before she trains you!) and keeping your indoor feline entertained while you are away for much of the day.

“Allowing your cat to roam outdoors is so dangerous that one in three kittens who go outside don’t make it to their first birthday, and another one in three don’t make it to their second,” warned Dr Kendall.

Kitty Klasses details

The Chatswood Cat Palace will run two Kitty Klass courses twice a month at Cafe Purrfection.  Each course is made up of two sessions/ seminars. Limited to 8 people.

Sunday, March 4th and 11th.  

Sunday, March 18th and 25th

Cost is $40 for an adult and $20 for children – that’s for two seminars and cuddles a week apart!

To book a course or for more information, please phone (02) 9417 3329 or email [email protected]

Conversations with Cats

In tandem with the Kitty Klasses, The Chatswood Cat Palace will also be running ‘Conversations with Cats’ sessions at Café Purrfection.

Hundreds of cat lovers have come through the café since its opening three years ago, offering patrons the magic of ‘CAT-fection’ through petting and cuddling the resident cats and kittens. And now they can learn about the inner workings of the feline mind, said Dr Kendall. Plus, the coffee is free!

“Research shows petting a cat has a positive, calming effect and cat purring has been linked to lowering stress and the likelihood of having a heart attack,” she said.

Furthermore, these cats are also very charitable.

“The cats donated their profits (from café entry fees) to saving pangolins in Africa, plus sponsoring the Tiger Exhibit at Taronga Zoo,” said Dr Kendall. “Café Purrfection is very different to all the other cafes. The cats are the centrepiece and point, not the coffee – though the coffee is pretty good!”


Check out the trilogy in the Cats Revealed series by Dr Kim Kendall at https://thecatpalace.com.au/books3/

 About Dr Kim Kendall and The Chatswood Cat Palace

The Chatswood Cat Palace is exclusively a cat-only environment offering premium cat boarding, grooming and veterinary care, and home to Café Purrfection – Sydney’s first cat café and world’s first ethical cat café – where anyone can enjoy the magic of ‘CAT-fection’ whilst petting and cuddling rescue cats and kittens living at the Palace.  Plus, the coffee is free!

For more information, visit www.chatswoodcatpalace.com.au or phone 02 9417 3329. For updates, visit ‘The Chatswood Cat Palace’ Facebook page and / or register for Dr Kim’s e-mewsing newsletter by emailing [email protected]

Dr Kendall is also an international author of feline care and behaviour Cats Revealed e-books and founder of www.felinefriendlycare.com. To discover more, visit www.chatswoodcatpalace.com.au