James Dorahy and his partner, Anton live with two adopted Chihuahuas in an apartment in Sydney. They adopted the girls in January 2016 following the loss of their beloved dog called Noodle, also a Chihuahua. James says taking on two dogs together is double trouble but mostly double the fun!

What do you like about Chihuahuas? 

I like everything about Chihuahuas – they way they look, walk, and act. They tend to have sassy personalities. Fiercely loyal and wanting to be the boss. Very reflective of my own personality.

You have two girls, Monkey and Hop, what’s their story?  

Monkey and Hop were six-year-old rescues when we adopted them through Claws and Paws Rescue.  Both dogs were used as breeders living in pretty dreadful circumstances. At the end of their breeding careers, they were united and became a bonded pair living with an older gentleman on the Central Coast (NSW). As can happen, this older gentleman was an isolated figure and when he became unwell he could not look after himself or the girls and they ended up in a pretty bad state.

Claws and Paws did a wonderful job bringing them back to health and then we had the privilege of adopting them.

Is taking on two dogs together double trouble or double the fun? 


These girls came into our home to help us heal from the loss of our old rescue Noodle who had died the previous year. We had decided to adopt a pair so they would have company. We have loved watching how attached these two are.

They love to play and they also like to fight. They have very different personalities so it is double the trouble as well as double the fun.

There are two of us and two of them. It makes for a very happy family and given they were six when we adopted them, it’s wonderful how easily we have bonded and the affection we all have for each other.