All animals, great and small, are blessed with a natural ability to bring joy to our lives in their own special way.  Some inspire us with extraordinary acts of bravery and courage.  Some amaze us with their incredible talents. But for the most part, they win and warm our hearts with their unconditional love.  In PetRescue‘s book Unconditional Love: PetRescue’s Great Animal Stories, you will enjoy reading tales from every corner of Australia in celebration of the all-round awesomeness of pets.

Not all the pets starring in this book are rescue pets, but through these amazing tales of resilience, courage and true companionship, you’ll find wonderment in the power of unconditional love to heal and bring happiness.

Unconditional love great animal stories

Unconditional love great animal stories

Edited by Saskia Adam, co-founder of Forever Friends Animal Rescue in Victoria, this delightful book features more than 100 stories about every rescue animal imaginable, cats, dogs, horses, chooks, wombats and penguins.  These tales of heroics, survival and companionship are about creatures with injuries, animals from troubled backgrounds and some cheeky orphans who work their way into the hearts of families.

There’s Raphey the cluey cat who prevents a house robbery; the unlikely friendship of Sophie the goat and Mr Wigglesworth the pig; a generous kookaburra family who adopt a baby bird in need; and Brandy the daring dog who saves her owners from stampeding horses.

These stories come from all over Australia and show that people are reaping the benefits of giving unwanted and lost creatures a fresh start and a great deal of love.

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