G2Z Summit 2017

7th National G2Z Summit & Workshops – September 12 – 16.

G2Z Summit 2017 will concentrate on the largest population of incoming animals to any pound and shelter in Australia – those that are lost and stray. 

Research shows that 86% of dog intake is through strays, with a 46% reclaim rate. Stray cats made up 81% of the total cat intake with a dismal less than 1% being reclaimed. This category of animals far outweighs those that are surrendered by owners and yet it is an area that has not been in the spotlight for discussion, research and development. It is imperative that we implement strategies targeting both stray and surrendered cats and dogs if we are to make any progress in this field.

Getting Them Home, Keeping Them Home

The theme for G2Z Summit 2017 is Getting Them Home, Keeping Them Home.

Attendance at this conference is essential for everyone involved in companion animal policy and practice -including those working at all levels of government, the not for profit welfare, shelter and rescue sector, the research, academic and veterinary professions and the pet industry.

A summit is a strategic conversation, convening the leaders of the sector, which brings different perspectives within a system together to talk about the big picture and big questions:

  • How do lost pets behave?
  • What are the barriers to lost pets returning to their original home?
  • How can we keep people and their pets together?
  • What capacity is needed to be built in the community to reduce intake at pounds and shelters of lost and surrendered pets?

These, and many more questions relating to community welfare, animal welfare, and responsible pet ownership will be discussed at this event. Industry and sector leaders from Australia and overseas will lead sessions to explore innovative solutions to guide Australia’s approach to the management of companion animals now and into the future while providing insights on how the challenges are being met elsewhere.


Workshops: 12th and 16th September 2017
Conference: 13 – 15th September 2017


Mantra on View Hotel, Gold Coast.

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