Given Australia’s love for our furry friends, Audible for Dogs launched on Friday 2 November 2018.

The wonderful Osher Günsberg and his cavoodle pup, Frankie is onboard as ambassadors, as well as University of Adelaide animal behaviourist, Dr. Susan Hazel, to celebrate this exciting moment for every Aussie pup!

Audible for Dogs is a collection of carefully curated audiobooks for dogs.  Dog guardians can select and play for their furry friends when they aren’t at home, as research has shown audiobooks can influence a dog’s behaviour in a manner suggestive of improved welfare, displaying positive effects on their overall well-being.

Audiobooks for dogs at Sydney Dogs and Cats Home

The research shows audiobooks can potentially increase the likelihood of rehoming kennelled dogs.  Audiobooks from the Audible for Dogs collection are being played for rescue dogs at Sydney Dogs and Cats Home.

Faith Harrsen, Marketing Manager at Sydney Dogs and Cats home said “Many of our rescue dogs find the shelter environment stressful and we’ve found having a familiar voice and tone playing daily from the Audible for Dogs collection has contributed to a more calming space.  Aladdin, currently our longest term doggy resident has been listening to Sherlock Holmes narrated by Stephen Fry along with our other kennelled dogs.  He can be reactive, barking as other dogs pass his kennel but our team of behaviourists have observed that when the audiobook is playing it appears to distract him and he usually listens quietly and calmly, which is wonderful to note.”

Ultimately the aim of Audible for Dogs is to relieve some of the guilt we experience when we leave our pups at home, and hoping when their sad little eyes look at us, they find comfort in listening to a bit of Sherlock Holmes or Pride & Prejudice while we are out – it really is a dog’s new best friend!

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