All animals need mental as well as physical stimulation according to Dr Kersti Seksel‘s book: Train Your Cat.  She says if pets are confined all day such as an indoor cat, with their food provided in a bowl so that they don’t need even to think about where the next meal is coming from, they might ‘get bored’ and become destructive.

The indoor cat can live a happy, long life provided she has a stimulating environment comparable to that which they would experience outside in the wild. Here are six simple tips to keep your indoor cat happy and entertained.

6 Tips to keep your indoor cat entertained

  1. Get your indoor cat to hunt for its food by hiding it around the house
  2. Create an indoor garden just for your cat – sow a tray filled with potting mix with grass, catnip and other safe plants.  A grass patch doesn’t have to be large, for an apartment balcony a very successful grass patch could be made by filling an old kitty litter tray.
  3. Cats need vertical space to climb up, feel safe and watch what’s happening from a height.  Provide vertical space with a climbing post which has platforms at different levels. Allow your indoor cat to sit on the window sill to look out a window.
  4. All cats need a scratching pole, particularly if your cat is indoors all the time.  More about scratching poles.
  5. Obedience training can be a fun way to interact with your indoor cat and she also learns good manners!
  6. Try toys such as a carrot toy filled with catnip to rejuvenate playful behaviour in your indoor cat
  7. Give your indoor cat cardboard boxes or bags to play with

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