South Australia dog and cat laws step closer to end puppy farms and reduce euthanasia

South Australia dog and cat lawsSouth Australia dog and cat laws are a step closer to putting an end to cruel puppy farming and reducing the number of dogs and cats euthanised after Parliament passed amendments to the Dog and Cat Management Act.

All dogs and cats will have to be microchipped, and dogs and cats will soon have to be desexed, with exemptions available for breeders, working dogs and security dogs.

Vets will have the power to defer microchipping or desexing requirements on health grounds.

Other amendments include the requirement for breeder registration to help put a stop to puppy farming, greater powers for local councils to administer the Act, and changes to who can accredit assistance dogs and recognise assistance dogs in training.

The next step is to consult on the draft regulations to work out the finer details of how the new requirements will come into effect.

It is expected the draft regulations will be ready for public consultation later this year and that the amendments will be phased in during 2017.

South Australia dog and cat laws background

The passing of the amendments to South Australia dog and cat laws is the latest step in the delivery of the 2014 election commitment to reform the state’s dog and cat management laws.

The process has involved an extensive public engagement program, including convening a citizens’ jury to make recommendations on reducing the number of unwanted dogs and cats that are euthanised every year.

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