It’s very exciting bringing home a new kitten.  Here are some helpful hints to prevent moggie mayhem when settling in a kitten to your home.  You can help your feline friend mature into a happy and well-adjusted adult cat.

Bringing a kitten or adult cat home is one of life’s major transitions.  Every kitten is different – brave kittens may be happy with the run of the house straight off, whereas timid kittens are often best confined to one room while they gain confidence.

Before you bring your kitten home, set up a designated room to become your kitten’s own territory.  This room or designated area is where your kitten can rub or scratch to leave his scent behind, signifying his territory. How long your kitten stays in this room is hard to say because every cat is different.

Items for your kitten’s designated area

  • Settling in a kitten

    Settling in a kitten. Photo: alexey-ruban/unsplash

    Food and water bowls

  • A litter tray and kitty litter
  • A scratching  pole and toys
  • Carpeted surfaces
  • Cardboard boxes and paper bags for play and act as cocoons for your kitten to hide and feel safe
  • The cat carrier with the door left open can also be used as a cocoon by your kitten
  • Soft beds and blankets

What else when settling in a kitten?

  • High-quality kitten food should be fed until your kitten is one year old
  • Raw bones are great for cleaning teeth
  • Your kitten must be vaccinated
  • Treat your kitten with flea and worm preventatives
  • Consider building a catio so your cat will have an outside area that is secure

Introductions when settling in a kitten

Expose your kitten to new people, other animals and strange sensations, such as riding in the car, but make sure that all these experiences are positive ones.  More about introductions in our Paw Perfect Introductions podcast with renowned animal behaviourist Dr Joanne Righetti.

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