Sensory gardens, pool fun, nature walks, scent games, and sweet naps, now that’s a pet holiday experience!

Exploring sensory gardens and magnificent odours, playing scent games and sprinkler pool games, taking nature walks and sweet, sweet naps! There’s not much better for fun-loving pets than sharing these experiences with four-legged friends at Calabash Kennels and Cattery, Sydney’s premier luxury canine and feline boarding facility nestled in the rolling hills and natural splendour of Arcadia.

Over the past two decades, the facility has developed substantially particularly with the addition of The Retreat, a newly built luxurious accommodation for the comfort of large dogs offering spacious rooms, a grand pool and Sensory Garden!

“I wanted to look after our four-legged pets in the best environment that I can provide with quality food and a high level of care and enjoyment for the dogs,” said Linda Meumann, owner of Calabash Kennels and Cattery.

Linda’s mission is not just to make dogs and cats happy during their stay, but to also lift standards in the pet boarding industry by redefining luxury and quality care. Offering a tranquil, rural retreat atmosphere and enticing smells, it’s no surprise Calabash has got a continuous high level of occupancy.

Sensory gardens for pet holiday-makers in Sydney

Feline playtime at Calabash.

The Retreat compliments The Canine Lodge, which has indoor and outdoor areas built for making small to medium dogs comfortable in any type of weather. Both buildings feature exclusive rooms with their own outdoor areas, underfloor heating, air conditioning and room service with delicious, quality meals.

Whiskered guests are also served hand and foot in The Cattery, which offers three different types of rooms – The Garden Villa (with their own private, outdoor jungle gym and each decorated with tropical plants & a balcony to curl up on in the sunshine), The Balcony Suite (spacious with sunny terraces) and The Garden View Room – perfect for bird watching!

Plus, there’s a shared Jungle Gym for adventurous purrsonalities.

Sensory gardens for pet holiday-makers

Calabash offers a unique canine sensory garden filled with pet-friendly plants, calming herbs, blankets smelling of cats and horses, and containers of sensory delights – horse manure, alpaca fleece and more!

“We provide the animal’s environmental enrichment with diverse sensory experiences, which is especially beneficial for pets suffering from anxiety (ie separation anxiety),” said Linda.

The canine guests also love a plunge in the pool (with a fabulous sprinkler system) and chase their new doggy friends through tunnels and over natural obstacles made of logs and rocks. Calabash also offers adventure walks on 25 acres of land, scent work games and behaviour training.

All the furry guests at Calabash make regular Facebook appearances and Instagram to let their pawrents know what they’ve been up to, and they certainly have got a lot to share!

“I love being able to provide our furry boarders with an environment that will enable them to be safe, happy and enjoy their time away from home, so they want to return to us,” said Linda. “For dogs that haven’t been in boarding before, they can enrol in a few days of Day Care at Calabash Kennels to get used to a kennel environment in a positive way.”

For more details or to book, contact Calabash Kennels and Cattery on 02 9655 1624 or visit