How to introduce your cat to a new baby podcast

How to introduce your cat to a new baby podcast. Photo: Elke Burgin/

Welcome to episode six of our Paw Perfect Introduction podcast series. This short episode is all about how to successfully introduce your cat to a new baby.

Bringing home a new baby is a very exciting time in your life. It’s a huge adjustment for all members of the family including your pets.  Cats like routine!  The last thing you need is a stressed out cat…who may develop behavioural problems like suddenly not using the litter tray.

Renowned animal behaviourist Dr Joanne Righetti, Pet Problems Solved knows all about how to introduce a baby to your kitten or adult cat.  Dr Jo has introduced four cats, a dog, and chickens to her own family, not to mention a husband and three sons!

In this podcast, Dr Jo simply explains how you can make a ‘paw perfect’ introduction between your cat and your  new bundle of human joy.  Don’t leave it to chance! Listen now to the podcast or download the transcription.

How to introduce your cat to a new baby podcast key points

  • Allow plenty of time to prepare your cat for the new baby’s arrival!
  • Play sounds of babies to get your cat used to the noises, observe how your cat reacts
  • Get a doll or teddy bear and treat it like a real baby
  • Bring scents into the house like baby lotions etc
  • Invite a friend with a baby over to your house and observe how your cat reacts
  • Kittens are so playful, so you may need to enlist the help of a friend or family member to play with your kitten regularly to keep her entertained when you bring home your baby
  • Never leave your kitten/cat alone with a baby, close the door of your baby’s room if you cannot supervise
  • Have plenty of places up high such as shelves for the cat to escape and feel safe

How to introduce your cat to a new baby
Paw Perfect Introductions

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