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Veterinarian Dr Georgina Child explains seizures in dogs

Dr Georgina Child has over 30 years of experience in the field of veterinary neurology.  Georgina is a specialist Veterinary Neurologist at the Small Animal Specialist Hospital (known as SASHVets) in Sydney.  In fact, Georgina is one of only a few registered Specialist Veterinary Neurologists in Australia.  In this podcast, Georgina explains seizures in dogs. In fact, she has first-hand experience with her own epileptic Border Collie, Tilly. Seizures in dogs podcast covers: About neurological disease in pets The signs to look out for How to treat a dog with epilepsy More about Dr Georgina Child Dr Georgina Child graduated from the University of Sydney in 1980. She completed a residency in neurology and neurosurgery at University of California, Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital in 1985 and became a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (neurology) in 1987, then from 1986 to 1995 she was a research associate at Colorado State University. Georgina is one of the only registered specialist neurologists in Australia and has 30 years of experience. Georgina is not only extremely talented but is compassionate and understanding and is well known throughout Australia for her excellent management of patients with difficult neurologic problems. She is also involved in Continuing Education programs for Veterinarians and in teaching veterinary students at the University of Sydney. For information about back pain in pets, listen to another podcast with Dr Georgina Child....

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Veterinary Neurologist Dr Georgina Child explains back pain in pets

Dr Georgina Child explains back pain in pets in this short podcast.  Georgina has over 30 years of experience in the field of veterinary neurology.  She’s a specialist Veterinary Neurologist at the Small Animal Specialist Hospital (known as SASHVets) in Sydney.  In fact, Georgina is one of only a few registered Specialist Veterinary Neurologists in Australia. In this podcast, Georgina says back pain in pets is a serious medical issue. It’s often thought that disc problems are a little dog problem but Georgina says it’s an all dog problem.  Weight management is very important to help prevent and manage back pain in pets. Georgina simply...

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Dr Joanne Righetti introduces 3 kittens to her dog

In this short podcast, renowned Animal Behaviourist Dr Joanne Righetti, Pet Problems Solved introduces 3 kittens to her dog and other pets.  Dr Jo shares her own personal experience and the steps she took to introduce the kittens to her dog (and 16-year-old cat) in her busy household.  Dr Jo already had a dog (Chilli), a 16-year-old cat (Mew)and chickens when she adopted 3 kittens called Earth, Wind and Fire from Animal Welfare League NSW.  Dr Jo knows how to create harmony between new and old pets and humans.  Dr Jo reveals her tips for smooth sailing introductions between pets. Introduces 3 kittens to her dog podcast key points: It’s important the kittens feel safe at each step of the introduction process Her house is full of cardboard boxes just for the cats to play with and make them feel safe. The kittens also have several places up high where they can escape from everyone else for peace and quiet. She used lots of praise and treats to reward her dog’s calm behaviour around the kittens during the introduction phase. Her dog is used to being around feisty felines in their home – you need to establish whether your dog is cat-friendly or not.  If not, then you will need to work on that first! Check out our Paw Perfect Introductions podcast series for more great tips from Dr Joanne...

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Tips for choosing a boarding kennel for your dog

You’re excited, it’s only weeks away until your family is going on holiday!  If you can’t take Fido with you this time, the options are finding a good pet sitter or a dog boarding kennel.  Not all dog boarding kennels are equal. So, how do you know what’s a good one?  Fortunately, Louise Newman, the founder of Let’s Go Fido, a dog training business in Sydney knows all about dogs and boarding kennels.  Louise shares her top tips for choosing a boarding kennel for your dog. Listen now to the Pets4Life podcast or download the transcription for great advice about choosing a boarding kennel for your dog. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your pooch will be happy and well looked-after in a good kennel while your family is soaking up the sea and sun. Louise’s key points from tips for choosing a boarding kennel for your dog podcast Puppies under six months old and dogs over 10 years old may be better suited to having a dog sitter. Visit the facility in person or ask the manager of the boarding kennel to give you a tour using Facetime Listen for the noise level! There will be some barking but a high level of constant barking is not a good sign Steer clear of boarding kennels that ‘double stack’, that is; double up with two unfamiliar dogs in one kennel in...

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Dog grooming tips from Master Groomer Melanie Newman

For those who want to groom their dog from home but don’t know where to start, we have top dog grooming tips from Master Groomer Melanie Newman. In our podcast interview, Melanie explains why regular dog grooming is not only good for your pet’s health and comfort, it also helps increase the bond between you and your pooch. According to Melanie, regular dog grooming should happen every four to eight weeks depending on the breed and length of coat.  Essentials for home dog grooming A quality shampoo and conditioner Quality conditioning spray Standard hair dryer but be careful with your heat setting Absorbent dog towel Laundry sink or bathtub Brushes including a slicker brush and comb to remove matts, tangles and dead hair and a furminator brush or Coat King, both are suitable for stripping undercoat and dead hair About Melanie Newman Creating a rewarding career from a passion is the ultimate dream and one that Melanie Newman has been able to pursue for over fifteen years. Starting out as a dog bather at a friend’s salon in the late 1990’s, Melanie relished the time she spent with the animals and decided to turn her passion into a lifestyle. Melanie’s work has taken her to grooming competitions across Australia and New Zealand, Holland, Germany, Spain, Italy and various parts of America, and she was crowned the Australian Royal Supreme Grooming Champion...

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