Going on holiday soon? If you can’t take your pet with you, you have a few options to make sure your pet is well looked after while you are away.  You could ask a friend to stay at your place or use a pet sitter or book your dog into a boarding kennel/book your cat into a cattery.  Gina Collins from Paws Galore, dog walking and pet sitting business, shares her top tips for choosing a dog sitter.

Gina’s tips for choosing a dog sitter

Gina says retired pet sitters are the best because they can give the dog company most of the time.

When choosing a pet sitter, Gina recommends asking these questions to assess their suitability for your canine friend.

  1. What experience does the pet sitter have with dogs?
  2. Does the pet sitter have a dog? Ask about their dog, what is the breed, age and is he or she friendly and sociable with other dogs.
  3. Tips for choosing a dog sitter

    Gina Collins with canine clients. Photo: supplied.

    What other animals does the pet sitter have if any? This can be an issue if the pet sitter has a cat for instance and your dog is not cat-friendly.

  4. What is their accommodation set up? Do they live in a house or unit? Do they have a secure backyard?
  5. Are they located close to dog parks?
  6. Do they work during the day? If the pet sitter works full time, what toys or interaction will there be to help prevent your dog from becoming frustrated and bored?
  7. Where will the dog toilet? Does the dog have access to the backyard to go to the toilet?
  8. Do they have a car? Can they transport your dog to the veterinarian if there is an emergency?
  9. Does the pet sitter have references? Ask for their details and call them.

About Paws Galore

Paws Galore is a company for those who love their pets like members of their own family. We are a professional dog walker and pet minder who has a true passion for animals and will treat your pet like one of my own.  The team at Paws Galore know how busy life can get. Between work, family and friends you barely have time for yourself, let alone enough spare time to take your dog for the nice long walks they need. The crew at Paws Galore are here to alleviate some of the pressure from your busy lives by taking care of your dog’s exercise needs. Furthermore, Paws Galore also provides essential pet sitting and boarding services for when you are away, ensuring that your beloved pet is fully cared for under your personalised requirements.