Co-Founder Brooke Foy introduces The Dog Massage App

The Dog Massage App

Massage is a great way to bond with your dog.

There’s a new app for dog lovers. It’s called The Dog Massage App and it’s set to improve the physical and emotional bond shared between countless pets and their owners.

The Dog Massage App is very easy to use.  It will become an invaluable tool for dog owners to learn how to perform dog massage, keep track of their massage sessions, share their experience with friends and family, and discover more about how they can truly connect with their pet.

Developed by two highly qualified Australian animal professionals, Natara Joyner and Brooke Foy, the pair have combined their experience in dog massage and understanding of dog behaviour to deliver this comprehensive approach to regular massage.

Brooke reveals why she co-created The Dog Massage App, how it works, and her personal experience of using the massage techniques on her own older dogs.

Pets4Life: Why did you and Natara Joyner create The Dog Massage App?

Brooke: For Nat and me, the App is a lot more than just a way to educate people on how to massage your dog. It’s a way for owners to improve their bond with their dog that benefits both animals and humans. Our animals make our lives so much better. The closer an owners bond with their pet, the better both their and their pet’s life will be, and we want everyone to experience that.

Pets4Life: How does The Dog Massage App teach owners to massage their dog?

The Dog Massage App

Brooke Foy demonstrates dog massage on Molly. Photo supplied.

Brooke: The App steps you through the whole process – everything from the benefits of massage, preparing and checking that your dog wants to be massage right through to how to massage each part of the dogs body. It uses written instructions as well as instructional video to explain to owners exactly how to massage their dog.

Pets4Life: What part of the dog’s body do you start with?

Brooke: To start you need to initialise the massage. This helps to calm your dog and to ensure they are accustomed to your touch. You start by holding your hands flat on your dogs chest and in the middle of the dogs back and then go on to perform long fluid stokes over the dogs body.

Pets4Life: Do you practise on your own dogs? Have you noticed a difference in their behaviour?

Brooke: Absolutely! My dogs are older and they love a massage. It soothes away all those tense muscles and the aches and pains you get from growing older. They are calm and relaxed immediately after a massage and then seem to be more fluid and energetic in their movements the next day when we go for a walk.

I also often use massage on clients’ dogs when they become over excited in a training session. Owners are astounded with the results.

Pets4Life: How do dog owners download The Dog Massage App and what’s the cost?

Brooke: The App is available from both Apple and Android App stores and costs $4.49.

You can find out more by checking out The Dog Massage App video